Interaction Editor Working, and We're Moving!

Hey Folks! I managed to get the interaction editor just about finished today. I dare not say "finished," as there will always be bugs and polish to sort out. But the necessary features are all in place now, and it looks like this:


Complete with starfield backdrop, so you don't forget which game this is for.

I can load and edit interactions, create new ones, link and unlink them, and save all this back out to a json file. The editor even updates all dropdowns as node names change or nodes are added/deleted, and can even figure out which upstream/downstream nodes to load if the user tries to load the middle of a chain.

Plus, I added buttons to jump into the ship editor and back again, for rapid prototyping. I still need to add UIs for conditions, triggers, and items, but those should be faster to do now that I have the most complex data type running. Soon, I'll be editing game data again!

Out of Office

Also, we're moving!

Starting tomorrow, things are going to be quiet around here for about a week. I have to return the cable modem to the ISP tomorrow, and we'll be packing up furniture and belongings shortly after. Then, we're on the road to Seattle!

We expect to be in town on the 14th, and begin our move-in on the 15th, so I'm expecting radio silence until at least a couple days after that. We should have power and internet ready to go upon our arrival, however, so hopefully, we'll be back on our feet soon.

Enjoy the rest of your week and weekend, and I'll chat with you again from the other side!