Interaction Linkage Work

Hey Folks! Sorry about the late update today. I was in town for an appointment, so did most of my work from there. A chunk of it was getting back to some vendors on a proposal, and the rest was continued editor work.

I did manage to get the interaction link arrows setup with an "unlink" button each, however. Now, I can add new nodes to the current chain, and remove them again later. I still need a way to remove them from the current scene (e.g. hide or close them), as well as a way to remove them from the game entirely. And that'll also mean a way to save data back out to json files.

Plus, I need to generate new blank interaction nodes, and eventually, condition, condition trigger, and item nodes. The good news is, interactions are the hardest of them all, and the rest should come more easily.

For now, it's weekend and time for a break. See you all Monday!