Who is this guy?!

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Who is this guy?!

He's been stalking me across the wasteland, and it's everything I can do not to shoot him. Who the hell is he? And why is he so bad at stalking me?



It's a new scavenger type added by the mod you are using. He's also not stalking you. He wants the stuff lying around the hex you are standing on. If you want him to go away, get rid of that stuff or just go to an hex without valuables on the ground.

Pew pew pew!

Ah! I suspected he might be part of your awesome mod. There's just so much going on in extended neo scavenger, it's hard for a new player to tell what's original and what isn't.

I'd started to think he was a Leonard Cohen character
Somehow fitting in the post-apocalyptic setting

Anyway, I don't know if this was the intent, but his presence seems so purposeful. He has a way of lurking just at the edge of your vision. He never takes any hostile action, and whenever you approach, he flees. Like a mysterious mentor figure.

Also I want that damn coat.

Well, he's indeed mysterious in a lot of ways, including his skills. He's usually harder to spot so you probably have eagle eye, binoculars or other items or conditions that increase your vision. Someone with the tracking skill but poor detection abilities will only see his footsteps around the map.

Also, you can make yourself one of those coats... it's probably going to be a lot more easier than killing him for it. :P

Pew pew pew!