Interaction Editor Big Picture

Hey Folks! I finally had a chance to dip back into prototyping today. Woohoo!

When I last left off, I was trying to get the interaction editor to show all interactions in a chain. I had them all loading, but there was a lot of overlap, and no way to tell which node connected to which.

After some fixing-up today, here's where I'm at:


The complete sleep cycle interaction chain.

Like practically every editor I make, it's nodes connected by arrows. In this case, a sleep request branches into allow/deny nodes, and the allow branches into continuation allow/deny, etc. Each continuation is a new phase of sleep until it cycles back on itself, or the AI wakes-up.

I want to be able to move these around, add new nodes, delete old ones, and tweak the settings of each node, so I can cook-up interesting interactions for the AIs to perform during long flights. This makes things easier for me than trying to edit multiple XML files that are way too long to navigate, matching up string refs and such.

There's still much to be done, not the least of which is to make this save the data back out to XML. And I'd also like to extend this editor to work on items, ship equipment, and other node types. But it's getting there!

Hopefully, more game dev to follow tomorrow!