NEO Scavenger Update Coming Up

Hey Folks!

I decided to move forward with a new NEO Scavenger update. There are a few bug fixes worth uploading, as well as this:


Take that, power outages!

S1eeper reminded me in yesterday's blog post that a lot of people have been requesting Autosave functionality. It's something I've looked into before, but had trouble getting it to work correctly. I took another crack at it this morning, and I think it's behaving better now.

Basically, the game will attempt to save your progress to the save file at the beginning of each turn on the map. For now, just the map. No combat nor encounters. And it's at the beginning of the turn because the game world does all its updating at the end, so saving before that would mean loading and then watching the turn play out.

Note that this doesn't affect permadeath in any way. (Or it shouldn't, anyway.) It doesn't create more than one save file, and if you die, you still have to start over. However, this does help avoid issues such as losing progress due to a crash, power outage, cat, or other act of god. It's a convenience feature, not for game balance.

For the time being, this will be an optional feature that defaults to "on." It can be turned off on the "Options" screen, and it might be necessary to do so for long games with lots of content, especially on slow computers. I'll have a test build up soon, and we can see how it performs in practice.

Anyway, this should be a pretty exciting feature for those of you with shaky power grids or curious pets.

Now, for the real trick. Figuring out OSX code signing and other annoying developer stuff to get new builds online :) More on that tomorrow!


S1eeper's picture

I don't think I can express just how much the autosave feature is appreciated.
I never imagined it would come so soon either; it's truly refreshing to have a game's developer actually read your input and even implement it into the game.
I'm definitely looking forward to getting my hands on the test build, when it's available, and providing feedback.

NEO Scavenger has taken over all of my time, to where I have not been able to play anything else since, so I just wanted to say thank you for not only creating an extraordinary game but also not abandoning it and keeping in touch with its community even years after release.

~ S1eeper