Spoilerific Newbie questions

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Spoilerific Newbie questions

Hi! I've been getting really into this game lately. I had a few questions.

1) Currently playing Extended Neo Scavenger Mod. I really like it. Is it the mod that most people use? Are there other preferred mods?
2) I've been exiled from DMC after an exciting chase featuring Judge Dredd w/Taser. I'm given to understand that I have to wait the full in-game 365 days before returning. There's no way I'll live that long. Is there a mod that allows for a "plot" way of returning? Or, failing that, a cheat?
3) Is there a preferred way of proceeding in the game? I've got my cyborg eyes. I pissed off wheelchair guy. What now?
4) Is there a way to set up a home base that can't be screwed with by passing desperados? If yes and I just haven't found it yet, no biggie, but I'm imagining that this is another mod-type situation.
5) Is there a more comprehensive list of random encounter spoilers than what's available on the wiki? If instant death were not a possibility, I'd be more inclined to take my chances.

Really appreciate any and all insights.

Terribly late with answers, but still better late than never, they say. :)

1) Noone knows what "most" people use for sure, but my guess most people don't use any mods at all - vanilla game is awesome already. Including myself. I think "mini mod of Doom" looks one very interesting mod, if you look for more of them.

2) There may be such a mod, but personally i never heard about one. As for cheating, it sure should be possible, one way or another; at worst you'd need to find which conditions are marking your "exiled" status and change their state within your save file, i guess. But personally i have no idea how exactly you can do that.

3) Nope. It does not have "preferred" way, because different players play for different goals. But if your goal is to "finish the story", then now you probably want to find the place mentioned by one of newspaper items; the story in that particular newspaper is about someone going through unharmed because of using tinfoil suit of sorts. That's the place you'd "need" to end up going into, if you want to "finish the main story" of the game. Oh, and if you backup your saves, then you can also try to remove your bronze talisman, and see if you can live through that one. :)

4) There are high-concealment camp sights in the game which are "very close to 100% safe" when used as home bases, provided you also do certain precautions, - hide tracks, never put a tarp shelter in them, don't use any fire, keeping "general ground" free of any items which cause the tile to have "loot here!" icon, and have such base(s) deep within ATN and/or DMC sprawl territory. However, if you want exactly 100% safe base to keep your items at, - then there is only one such base in the game: namely the Parkade within DMC sprawl. Visit all Sprawl tiles and you'll find it. But, of course, it is not free, and you will loose your items if you fail to renew your rental in time (it's possible to rent for up to 4 weeks, so it's quite doable to have it as quite "permanent" base once you got your funds going well).

5) No idea, sadly. Using save manager or simply manually backing up your save file regularly is one thing which certainly helps against "instant deaths", at least. The former has its own sticky topic in this forum, hard to miss.


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