Can't run, condition: Struggling

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Can't run, condition: Struggling


I have encountered problem, which I don't understand at all - my ability to run (both in combat and on map) disappeared. I have checked: I have neither equipped vehicle nor condition Unable to run; rested for a day (all running points); healthy (no crippled limbs), proper footwear; unburdened, tried getting naked. The only puzzling thing is condition Struggling, which I don't know where I got and I can't find what it is on both wiki and forum.


You start Struggling when you're carrying too much weight. How much weight you can carry is affected by your current condition (injuries, hunger and thirst, how tired you are, etc...) and how you're carrying your load (certain vehicles provide bonuses or penalties to your carry weight as do certain containers). Once you start to near the limit you'll enter Burdened status, if you keep picking up more stuff you'll eventually reach Struggling...if you continue to pick up stuff you'll eventually be unable to move at all and be forced to drop some stuff if you want to be able to move.

When Unburdened you'll get 5 move points per turn, being Burdened brings it down to 4 points, and Struggling reduces you to only 2 move points per turn. You can cheat this particular mechanic by dropping enough stuff each turn to get you to Unburdened status and you'll start the next turn with 5 move points, be able to pick up all your stuff, and then move as if Unburdened because adding more weight only reduces your Max moves, not your current moves. This does not allow you to Run while Struggling however, it only allows you to get full move points each turn if you're willing to shuffle your items around at the end and beginning of each turn.

Struggling can also occur if you're using certain vehicles, like the sled without a string to pull it by. Because it's difficult to keep a grip on it while you're pulling it as well as it short height you're forced to Struggle to pull it along with you as you move.

It's been a while since I've checked, but I believe that you can also get the Struggling condition from certain terrain types or from darkness (though I'd expect to see Blindness on your list of affects if it was night out.

Without seeing the map, your condition screen, and the vehicle screen there's no way for us to determine which exact affect is applying the Struggling affect to you.

Lorebot's pretty much covered all the details (thanks Lorebot!). If you aren't in any of those situations, it could be a bug.

Do you recall when the condition began? Maybe there's a clue in when it started.

Otherwise, you could also try uploading your save game to Google Drive/Dropbox/etc and I could try loading it in the debugger. No guarantees, but I may find something.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Thank you very much for your answers, I solved it successfully :)
As lorebot mentioned, it was caused by being (heavily) overweighted but it somehow got bugged because when I dropped just enough items to move from struggling to burdened, condition struggling did not disappeared even though bar did moved to burdened. It was solved, when I picked up more items to become struggled again and then dropped them.
PS: I tried to replicate bug but I've been unsuccessful.

Hm, that's strange, but I'm glad to hear you were able to work around the issue! Let me know if you run into it again, and if there are any steps to reproducing the issue. I'll try reproducing it in the debugger, and hopefully fix it!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games