Ok! Back to GUIs

So! With that near-week-long interruption (hopefully) behind us, let's get back to data editing, shall we?

When I last left off, I was trying to get a visual editor setup for editing the game data. Specifically, the complex network of conditions, triggers, and interactions. Today, I made some more headway on that tool, resulting in this GUI:

IMAGE(http://bluebottlegames.com/img/screenshots/screenshot-2016-02-11.png) Adding some variable-length widgets to bottom of UI.

Above, we see the previous text-editing UI now with some drop-downs and buttons below it. They're not active yet, but I was able to get the layout to behave as rows are added and removed dynamically. And since almost all of the data types I'm trying to edit have these "drop-down plus remove" rows, this should be reused quite a bit.

I still need to get things hooked-up since, right now, they just load dummy values (unlike the white text areas above). And after that, I'll need to start loading multiple UIs like this into a scene and connect them via arrows, according to the game data.

So there's still a way to go. But getting this UI to neatly accept an arbitrary number of "drop-down plus remove" data rows was significant progress. Hopefully, more of that tomorrow!