More Moves, and Item Access

I've added a few more moves, and also hooked up inventory access and changing of attack modes to combat. Plus, sneaking got some love, and a handful of bug fixes.

New Moves!

First off, four new moves were added today (two share the same image):

IMAGE( Double-attack, kick fallen creature, and pull down.

The first move is actually two moves in one. With a melee weapon, it's called "melee surge." It's an attack that, if successful, hits the target at least once, maybe twice, and gives them the "winded" condition. No matter what, however, it gives the attacker "winded" as well. It's handy if the target is "vulnerable," or otherwise easy to hit, as it roughs them up and knocks them out of commission for a turn.

If a ranged weapon is being used, there is a similar move called "blast away." It's a spray and pray style move where the player fires his ranged weapon a few times, trying to pin the target down. If successful, the target is "suppressed," takes cover, and cannot move or attack for a turn. There's a smaller than normal chance to hit with each shot, as well.

The first time I used "blast away," it was on a sleeping dogman. I guess he was an easy target, because 2 of the 3 shots hit, the first mortally wounding him, and the second killing him. I had to restart the game to see if the "suppressed" condition appeared.

The "kick" move can only be used when in melee range, standing, and when the target is "fallen." If successful, this move keeps the target down, does damage, and gives the target "winded." I'm excited to see if gangs of raiders use this.

Finally, the "pull down" move is sometimes available when a combatant is "fallen" and in melee range with a standing target. If successful, it knocks down the target, and does damage. "Fallen" enemies are easy targets, but not easy opponents!

With the above moves added, nearly all basic moves are in place. There are a few others, but I might start adding skill-specific moves next. Skills like melee, athletic, and trapping can provide occasional special moves, and I'll probably give some creatures skills to grant them those moves (e.g. dogmen may get strong and athletic, while raiders get melee and ranged).

Item Access

I also hooked up inventory access and changing attack modes to combat. Now, if a player/creature changes attack modes while in combat, they lose all special moves for the rest of the turn. They can still move and do basic attacks, but they lost their edge in the weapon swap.

Also, when out of everyone's attack range, players can access their inventory. If they do so, they sacrifice all but a few moves such as changing range and taking cover. No attacking or special moves until next turn.

These two features are meant to simulate taking one's attention from their target and the battle to mess with items. E.g. trying to rummage through a backpack is impossible with a dogman clawing at you, and even if out of range, you won't get a shot off that same turn.

Bug Fixes, etc.

There were a lot of bug fixes today as well. I found some issues in the condition expiration times, and tweaked sneaking such that sleeping creatures are less likely to wake when using sneak moves, etc. Overall, a busy day!

So that's all for today's news. I may put in a few hours over the weekend, as next week is our vacation (both Canada and US have holidays next week). Hopefully I can get a bit more done before I'm off for a week.

Have a good one, all!