Hatter (major spoilers)

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Hatter (major spoilers)



1. Did his first quest.

2. Got his second quest.

3. Visited Saginaw. Visited Clearbone Valley. Painfully dragged huge tankard to the sprawl.


Hatter is not in office and is not expected to come back soon.

I wondered a few days around the map.


When is he expected to come back? (if he is) Do I have to finish Grayling?

Thanks for any answers go in advance. ^__^

Just wait a few days I guess. Camp Grayling

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ends the story when you finish it, which effectively kills you. It's also quite deadly, so you'll probably die even if you don't actually finish the game

Hmmm. There used to be a bug here, where it was really easy to piss Hatter off enough to not be allowed back, but it was supposed to have been fixed a long while ago. Which version are you playing with? Also, any mods?

Waiting a few days may solve this, it's not a bad idea. (You can stash the barrel inside a camp in the sprawl and go do other things without having to carry it, the likelihood of it getting stolen is absurdly minimal, esp. there). Still, maybe keep a save for the developer to look at if it doesn't get solved? Let us know if anything changes, I'm curious about this one.

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Sorry for not posting this in my initial post: I am playing the lastest version available on Steam. No mods installed.

So literally no one could come up with an answer for months now to this simple question? Ok. Cool.