Getting my arse kicked hard

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Getting my arse kicked hard

Been using the EXE Patchwork mod that combines a bunch of mods and im loving it but dang, its been kicking my ass lately. Tons of Blue Fog men or Dogmen gang up on me or its random players jumping me in my sleep though I have traps. And typically with guns too! Not that im complaining..but still..

My question is this, to ease my eternal suffering is there a way to edit starting items you get in the Gyges Cryo facility? When I take Eagle Eye and use it to scavenge I find a multi-tool. I want to edit the files/game/whatever so that a cheap gun spawns instead. Or a spear. Or something to help me out a bit at the start so I dont get assaulted by Dogmen to the north or crazy players or Blue Frog guys to the east as I travel to either the tribe up north or the city to the east.

I have version 1.3

That is not a very balanced mod to begin with, by its creator's own admission. ;) The two big mods it merges are each balanced differently on their own, but when merged like that, chaos ensues. :) In my mind it's still fun to play around with, if you already have learned how to deal with each separate mod's additions and are feeling risky (or greedy XD), but can be problematic otherwise. All that aside, adding even more modded stuff to that monster mod may potentially cause weird trouble - and weird trouble or bugs are already a problem occasionally when playing with the patchwork.

In short, me, I'd solve the difficulty problem by playing with single mods or one big mod and one/two smaller - then you can understand how they're balanced and play accordingly. Alternatively you could ask directly at that mod's thread, see if anyone's currently working on it and ask them for help directly.

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