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Hiya - Came here after seeing a news item on RPS about NEOScavenger dev making a sci-fi crew management game. As this is the sort of game I've been planning and wanting to make/play for years, and as my method of making games goes mostly down the procrastinating route of 'looking for inspiration', I was excited to read your devblog about the design process and how it was all going.

Unfortunately I'm struggling to piece together the thread of development through the news items. I don't suppose it's possible to add tags to the news posts to enable easier finding of relevant articles?

Also, as I see you are now using unity and experimenting with normal maps here is a link to a chap who did some interesting work that might be of use:


Good idea! I agree that the devlog is pretty low-tech in terms of organization. And in fact, the whole site is due for an overhaul now that the CMS package it uses has upgraded to a new edition. I have a few features/upgrades I've been holding off on until the upgrade.

I'm thinking that once I get a bit more of a playable prototype ready, I'll do a site facelift/upgrade to reflect the new game. (Currently, the site is very focused on a single game and forum.) And I'm hoping I can modernize a few things such as tagging then.

As for Mr. Anton Kudin's work, one step ahead of you:


(see comments at bottom) :)

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