Cheats for Blue Rot? (Spoilers)

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Cheats for Blue Rot? (Spoilers)

Bless me. I contracted Blue Rot 2 a while back and panicked. I researched for a remedy online, and the only feasible option seemed to be; get to the Blue Frogs HQ and somehow get it from the boss there. I don't think I handled the encounter well (choosing the option to not have an answer to the question regarding the fate of the faction), because I didn't end up with the cure. So I resorted to plan B. I figured the chap I spoke to would be carrying the cure with him, so as soon as he set off after the encounter, I ambushed him. I sneaked up close to him and unloaded my 12 gauge shotgun into him. Unfortunately his body had dropped no cure.

What happened next puzzles me. I no longer had Blue Rot. After a couple of days, Blue Rot 2 reappeared again. I used a nano med kit to help with the recovery, and it went away. After a couple of game days, it's now with me again. I can't shrug it off. I thought once you're cured, you're immune, so there is probably a bug occurring here.

Anyway, I'm out of ideas. So is there a text file or something I can edit to remove this from my character, or some other kind of cheat?

Well - you ALMOST got there storywise. ;) There are basically two ways to get the cure: One is directly within the encounter as you initially assumed, and one is outside of it, but kinda more of an easter egg that many players never find. There are a few different ways to access this "Easter Egg", but in your specific case, you *may* still be able to get the cure if you

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have the hacking skill and kept the smartphone and key fob Elias was carrying.

If you meet the requirements, and need more specific hints, feel free to ask.

As for why Blue Rot resurfaced, well, there's two options: (1) It either never got healed to begin with, or (2) you healed it in one very specific way and then contracted it again. The first option sounds more likely: Blue Rot has phases, and it will keep resurfacing till it kills you. The medkit can not heal it, for lore reasons, the rot is too new a disease and hasn't been addressed by nanotechnology yet.

The second option is far more unlikely: You survived the disease not own your own (through your immune system killing it - thus making you permanently immune to Blue Rot) but instead with the help of the only thing that has a chance of healing it if you don't have the cure:

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the Bear Root.

This would not have made you immune, so in this scenario it could have been cured before Saginaw, and you contracted it again at Saginaw. Keep in mind that the chances of this healing the Rot are ridiculously small, unless you use it during the first (invisible, incubation) stage. So the likelihood of this having accidentally happened between the time you actually noticed it and the time you arrived at Saginaw are very small. Still, it's possible.

I'm not a modder, so no idea how/whether it can be modded out, maybe someone else can help you there. If you wonna give this a fighting chance within the game, you can try using the item I mention while keeping your immune system really high in any way possible (antibiotics, tea, eating well, rest, even nanorobotics to deal with any side problems that may be dragging you down, etc etc). That way at least you're getting the best fighting chance of both worlds, hoping you can overcome it either naturally (with immunity) or through the healing help (without immunity). I won't lie, chances at Stage 2 going on 3 are super small. But it does happen. Good luck. :)

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I had a question on this part. I had a similar situation (got Blue Rot after the institute encounter) and actually had the item at stage 1 after I checked at the medical clinic. I used it a few times (every time it disappeared from my status window) and Blue Rot 2 eventually just went away. I assumed it was removed that way and assumed I would get it again. When checking at the medic, I was showing as a "Carrier" but had no stages of the disease. Later on, I picked it up again, not sure how. Possibly with a peaceful encounter with a Blue Frog (if that's possible). I didn't notice it until Stage 2 and a significant number of days had passed since my first bout, so I was assuming it was a second infection.

I got some more of the item and tried to stay in the best health and increase my immune system through nano and antibotics and tea and just killed time in the DMC. I stayed at Stage 3 forever and eventually, it just went away. I still show as a Carrier though, so not sure if it was a natural cure and an insanely lucky fluke with the "item".

The question I have is this; is there any indication you are immune afterwards?

Not that I know of. But if someone knows better, please correct me.

I generally simply don't assume I'm ever immune, especially if I've been using help to try and cure it. That's the reason why I stick with using basic protections at all times (like rag in the face, staying further away from anyone if I can help it, but esp. from likely carriers like Frogs) - no reason not to do that, they're easy habits to have. And yes, the disease can be transmitted through peaceful encounters: it's an airborne infection, and the game tries to imitate real life spread patterns when spreading it from NPC to NPC and from NPC to player, etc. So the closer you are to a carrier the likelier you are to catch it - it doesn't matter whether you're chatting or exchanging bullets, it's about the distance. Don't get me wrong though, Frogs are not the only carriers, nor will you always be infected when interacting with them - but it is much more likely with them, for reasons you probably now have a bit of a clue about, if you went through the encounter there.

And btw, I'm also not sure that being a carrier is an indication either way. As far as I know you are a carrier (=carrying the disease and capable of transmitting it) even after you yourself have become immune to it, as is the case with similar diseases irl.

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