[very WIP] Faithful Graphical Enhancement

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[very WIP] Faithful Graphical Enhancement

Objective: Improving the graphics while remaining faithful to the original artowrk and pixel artwork style

- change the lighting on most items from front-right to upper-left to give more depth
- changing folds on clothes to be more realistic
- improve hextiles, particularly Detroit and other tiles that have lit parts
- maybe improve some of the UI textures

Just started yesterday (Jan 4) so I've only mostly finished one of the backpacks so far:


Also experimented with using 3D models to speed up building pixel art creation:


Very good! Pixel artists are always welcome but since you seem to know what you are doing, have you considered helping out other modders with your skills ?
This game's art reminds me of Fallout: detailed enough but still living room for my own imagination. That's the "feel" you should aim for.

Adding different random skins for the same object would be awesome: markings, tears, dirt, blood stains ! I suppose that would require a measure of coding to implement it correctly.

Is this still being worked on? It looks promising!

Strip the flesh! Salt the wounds! *Manical laughter*