DMC Guards don't f*** around

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DMC Guards don't f*** around

So, things are going great. Many days in, my Strong, Tough character trained in Trapping and Botany is thriving in the wastes. Having made his way east to the DMC was somewhat rough with only a plastic bag or two, but the two duffle bags help, one on my shoulder and the other in my hand. I lug my things towards the Glow, scavenging as I go and filling my bags. I eat berries and mushrooms along the way, not taking the time to build a fire. I reach the DMC and unload my haul. I had found a sled along the way to make things a bit easier and gathered many water bottles, so I began brewing lots of herbal tea to sell. After a few weeks, I had enough money to get surgery to remove my near-sightedness. I sprung for the extra bionic eyes and night-vision and later, telescopic.

Things were going well for me. I had guns and ammo, any weapon I wanted and I even "found" a trench coat on a dead body (I may have killed the poor ATN warrior). I was thinking it would be pretty swell to have some body armor and some proper gloves. Unfortunately, that is one thing you cannot buy in the DMC, not even with $12,000. So, I found a lone DMC guard and circumstances happened that I was healthy and well rested and in an encounter with one while hidden and in range to attack with my broad spear. I flurried and hit the guard. He was stunned, which was great because I was tired after that. Afterwards, I figured he was pretty bad off and I could attack again, hoping for a stun or knockdown. I hit the confirm button and my screen goes dark. Game Over.

After reviewing the logs, apparently the guard thought a flurry with his military rifle was a good action and he turned out well for him. The first shot fatally wounded my head and the rest where just there for good measure. I haven't had an encounter end so quickly in all my career playing and was dumbfounded. Not even a Dogman beating my mostly naked self had ended so poorly. The moral of the story is, I guess: don't f*** around with the DMC Guards unless you feel lucky and/or can guarantee safety. I really should have tried killing one at night...

You know man, I was almost there, barely enough to make the eyeborg dog and I used to scavenge at night in the darkness, every dark encounter was solved through sneaking out or even a well placed shot with my lovely rifle and go. After the day I got a dogman with my reliable pistol and headbutted the mofo to death I had no time and bullets to waste in scum. i was the man, no fear to wander in the dark; until the day i stumbled into two uknown assailants in a small town, no time to waste I though and turned my back to retreat, god I was wrong, my body was teared apart by bullets of an unloaded rifle... Goddamn I dunno if it was DMC, Looters or Bad Mutha but jesus, no more night rides...

- Kern