Mikes' Club

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Mikes' Club

Don't be mistaken, he didn't make a club.
You see young Mike wasn't the best with a gun, but boy could he bash, slash, and gash.
One day as Mike was looting he found a monkey wrench, a nice weapon to those who can use it.
Let it be said that he was also very loud....very, very loud.
As you might expect a few bandits came to steal Mikes stuff, but Mike had a monkey wrench.
There was two, both had melee weapons, one of these bandits decided "I'll just walk up there and bludgeon him", this was a very unwise decision...
When the man came near Mike simply swung, and swung, and kept swinging, and in the the mass flailing of limbs Mike managed to cripple the man from head to toe.
The mans arms and legs were mangled and deformed to the point of which they couldn't be recognized as human limbs.
The good part though, is with the second man, the one who ran from the fight, and the man who aloud his friend to be mutilated.
Mike was able to track the man into a city, an ally actually.
Mike had been working on his sneaking, and with his new knowledge he crept forward, soon nearly on the man.
This is when Mike, a new man of virtue and valor, administered his vicious flogging.
And so the some what epic tale of Mike ends, or does it? Where do you think he will go next? Who do you think he will kill?
That is to be decided, with the power and justice...of the club.

Rar! Rar rar rar! Thanks for reading :)