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I dont know if its possible but i was thinking about adding chemicals,that could be injected on your body,most chemicals would end up either killing you,leaving you impaired,or causing serious damage,but you would have a chance of developing random mutations,
Mutations i thought of so far
Bioluminescence:would make you able to see on the dark,but you would never be able to hide anymore(try to hide a flashlight)
Muscular development:would give you meele/tough/strong(only 1 of them),if you already have all 3,it would instead give you a X(X meaning skill)II,that would double the power of the skill
Eye improvement:would give you eagle eye and remove myopia(if you have it)
Centripetal tracking:would make give you tracking skill,and you could smell things scent(like a dogman)if you already has tracking skill,it will give you tracking II instead( same principle of muscular developement)

okay,we have some ideas,but how we could find that chemicals?
1st method:collecting them.from where? the place with more chemical wash of course,the great black swamp,when you enter at any place of the great black swamp,you would find chemical wash on the ground,you would craft:chemical wash,glass bottle(glass is more resistant to chemicals than plastic)and rubber gloves(you are not touching chemical material with your bare hands,you are not crazy).That would give us a bottle with chemical wash.then you would need to make a needle,my idea is finding syringes on houses and offices(Mostly on urban hexes,lower chance on sub-urban ones)then you craft them with a needle(also lootable,i have no idea of how i could craft one so it will be lootable)then you craft the surgical needle you just made with the chemical bottle,and you get your chemical wash ready to use,now you just inject it,and wait for the effects,to the effects taking place it would need roughly 16 hours(turns) or 24 hours(turns).
Buut,there are people lazy that dont wanna do all that,thats why 2nd method is there,

2nd method:instead of :scavenging,taking,crafting,having a high risk of dying(because no one sane inject chemical wash right on his veins),you can just go to southwest part of the map(almost entering on great black swamp)to find:chemlabs industries,that could sell you good chemicals(good means lower chance of dying)for a not-so-good price(roughly 1000$ the syringe),chemlabs could also sell you items for caring about this type of product,like rubber gloves and syringes

3rd method:there will be a faction called supermutants,that would beat you up,and when you are beaten up you would get a encoutner screen saying:you got caught by the supermutants,they will probably inject chemicals on you and make you one of them,or they will simply shred you to bits,what will you do?
A)run for it!50%chance of death,25% of fleeing,25% of getting injected with low quality chemicals(because they hate you,since you tried to flee
B)accept your fate...100% chance of getting injected mid-quality chemicals
C)pay them for good chemicals you would loss roughly 75% of your money(if you have more than 1000$ to spare)and them you would get injected with good chemicals,if you did not had more than 1000$ all your money would be taken and you would receive mid-quality ones isntead.

Quality tiers,
there would be 4 quality tiers for chemicals
Poor:100% death
Low:75% death,25% mutation
High:75% mutation,25% death

if its possible or if someone wanna do it,tell me

Fought pack of 5 dogmans,died

Reminds me of Cataclysm: Dark Days ahead. The general idea can be implemented but it would take a lot of time. The concept is similar to adding more implants, just thru different means.

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