Lights, Part Placement, Ship Save/Load, and Happy Holidays!

Hey Folks! I managed to get lights working today, as well as a few more basic part-placement features and ship loading/saving, and some project housekeeping.

Each item can have one or more lights added to it, for things like general room illumination, and (hopefully) more lively ship parts like consoles, reactors, and other powered-items. A lot of the reason I bothered with this Unity experiment was because I pictured some really moody ship interiors where the player could immerse themselves in atmosphere.

IMAGE( Mind the programmer art.

The shot above shows off some of the floor, substructure, wall, and light parts in action. There are some glitches in the normal maps due to my quickly hand-painting them, and it's pretty simple placeholder sprites. But I think there's potential there for simple art with interesting lighting to produce visually interesting spaces.

Long interplanetary travel is going to be the bulk of this game, and watching crew/managing ship stuff will be the main game loop. My hope is that with this lighting system, more professional art, and more piece variety, players can not only be entertained by the gameplay, but allowed to admire their precious ship's beauty from the inside.

In the part placement system, I made some updates so the item rotations were in 90-degree increments, and I can tap the rotate key to cycle through rotations when placing a part. Also, the rotation persists after placing a part, so it's easier to place multiple parts with the same orientation. I also added the ability to remove parts from the scene using the right-click.

Ships can now save/load their layouts to a file, so I can stop using the buggy layout I created before with lots of holes and overlaps. I also did some UI cleanup to make the part picker UI stay in front, but background in the back, and removed some placeholder stuff.

Not quite playable yet, but starting to be more usable!

Happy Holidays! And OOO.

Finally, I'll be heading home for the holidays, so my internet presence will be diminished for about two weeks. I should be back to normal on the 4th of January, and may sneak an hour of work in here and there as time allows. So if it seems quiet here, fear not, I'll be back in a couple weeks.

My best wishes to everyone these holidays, and much prosperity to all in the new year!


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Merry Christmas, happy New Year, enjoy the holidays! :)

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Have a happy and healthy Christmas Dan! And remember, the more food you stuff into yourself, the more brainpower you'll have later on ;)

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Seems like Unity has allowed to do quite a lot of work in less time than it took you to implement than before, unsure if it is because you're going over the same ground or if Unity is just easier?

Anyway, have a nice Christmas. Looking forward to following your progress in the new year!

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@linibot, thanks! Merry Christmas to you, too!

@Kaaven, so if I drink beer, does that cancel out the food? Merry Christmas :)

@matsy, thanks! And you, as well! Re: Unity, I'm glad to hear that. It kinda feels like it, so knowing others think so maybe means it's real. Probably a mix of easier to do and re-treading familiar ground. But hopefully, that means lots of progress in the year to come!

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All the best in the coming year, Dan.
I really wish more independent developers were more like you and actually did their job instead of being drama queens on twitter or whatever.

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Hey,just wondering if you've given this game a name yet and what are you planing for it to be,sorry if it was already mentioned,just to lazy to go through all the other posts but am very interested in what i'm seeing here

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All I can think about when looking at this photo, is Space Station 13 and the remake of it.. (Though the remake was canceled ;c)

Being a massive fan of Neo scavenger, I can NOT wait to see more development on this game.
Don't give up <3