Awww, yeah!

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Awww, yeah!

I did it! Won the damn game, finally. I'm quite proud of having survived Grayling unspoiled on my first try; lots of tough choices there.

The ending was satisfying, although maybe a little abrupt; I hadn't done nearly everything I wanted to do in the world. I've never been to the southern swamp area (and indeed, most of the map was still unexplored.) I was still saving money for eye replacement surgery. I never did try breaking into the bank computer. My character was just getting into his stride!

I do hope there will eventually be a sequel; seems like there's still a lot for Philip to do.

Thanks for the great game. Well worth the price.

Congrats! I think I was personally too curious and flooded with options, choices and information to ever make sane choices the first (few) times around Grayling, so I can appreciate the achievement! :D

But hey, at least you know for a fact there's more there than you discovered in that specific playthrough, both at Grayling and elsewhere. ;)

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