is there any sort of Mod Compatibility Masterlist?

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is there any sort of Mod Compatibility Masterlist?

Hopefully this is the right place to post this..?

Anyway, I won't lie-- learning that NEO Scavenger had a modding community is one of the main reasons I finally caved and bought the full version of the game instead of continuing to play the Demo over and over. Of course, I'm holding off on trying any mods until I get acquainted with the full version's mechanics.

In the meantime I've been looking into various mods that look fun to use, but unfortunately, I'm having a little trouble keeping track of which mods do/don't play nice together, as well as which of the larger mods already incorporate smaller mods (EG: BBC and Shouldered being merged into Layarion's Overhaul).

So I essentially just want to know if there's any sort of documentation anywhere of which mods are explicitly compatible/incompatible with each other, or are specifically packaged together? I couldn't find anything on my own, but I don't doubt that I might've missed something.

I hope to figure out mod merging in the future, but for now this is pretty much just a "is all this info already in one place" sort of question 0:

There isn't any documentation, because sadly, there isn't really any mod compatibility in this game - the way that mods work here makes it a real nightmare to actually merge several mods together. There were a several attempts to do so, latest being the EXE Patchwork Monster Mod, but it seems that none of those are still being updated.

Some mods can be used without any merging though, or merged relatively easily, if they change completely different things (as in, one does not affect anything that other changes, and vice versa). So things like BBC and Shouldered were possible to put together, cause they modify completely different parts of the vanilla game. Most, especially bigger, mods do conflict a lot and aren't really mergable.

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Ah, thanks very much for the info! It's a bit of a shame how complicated these mods can get;; Still, I guess this just means I either need to learn about merging, myself, ooor just learn to be way more picky about which mods to use, haha