different state (location) mod

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different state (location) mod

I would like somebody to make a mod that allows people to play in a different state like Utah or new-york or even japan. if some one would do that that would be really cool

me "i killed a dogman with bear hands"
dogman Chomp
me bleeding to death in one blow

I think the best way this could be added is adding the state of Indiana, with the city described by the DMC guards when asked by the player about other cities. Getting here would require you to get the Marthas army ending where you hop into a V-MADD (Or whatever they're called) and would require a nearly full Gas Mask. You would walk though the great black swamp (Which is about half the size of the distance from the swamp in Micigan to the top of the map), and eventually reach Indiana, as described in the last part of the ending.