Tablet Memory Optimization for NEO Scavenger

Just a quick update today as I need to head out in a few minutes.

A chunk of today was lost to an errand. But the time when I did work I was focused on memory optimization. Steve pointed out that NEO Scavenger was starting to consume 200+MB of memory when all the data was loaded, and that'd cause problems on some mobile hardware. We needed to look into trimming that fat.

It took a few hours of trial and error, and learning how Haxe/OpenFL deals with memory, but I think we found a solution. Namely, the XML parsing we do needed some explicit clean-up of XML.parse objects and strings when it was done.

That, and the encounters file needed to be split up. The file was originally larger than all other data files combined, and it was causing memory usage to balloon unnecessarily. Splitting that up, combined with the parser object nulls between each step, seems to have kept memory allocation under control. Current load is about 80MB.

So hopefully, crisis averted! I guess we'll have to keep an eye on this as we develop further, though.

That's all for this week. Have a good weekend, all!