Data Parsing

Hey Folks! More NEO Scavenger mobile work today.

Most of the day was spent writing xml-parsing code for the mobile version. I added data types and parsers for items, hexes, factions, and treasures, and I'm getting started on creatures now. Just pure data parsing right now, so it rips all the values from the xml, converts to basic data types, and stores them in classes to match the data type. Nothing fancy, no logic, etc. Once all this is done, these data classes can be read by game objects to get the info they need to execute.

I had a few false starts this morning, though. At first, I was trying to parse the data into game-ready objects. However, I realized later that Steve was doing this intermediate data object loading step so the parser wouldn't have to do anything complicated. Let the complex stuff happen later, once the data is loaded and stored. Makes sense, and I soon figured it out and corrected my contributions.

Still chugging away, though!