Dogman not affraind of DMC

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Dogman not affraind of DMC

So it was a great day. I just got my hand on a beautifull new eye and the telescopic and night vision upgrades. I was just exiting DMC when i needed to end my turn ( I was not even 1 hex away from the dmc ) and it got night. I was to lazy to go back into the dmc (even if it was JUST 1 HEX AWAY) so i decided to stay there and sleep, nobody will attack so close to the DMC right ?Slept well until a Dogman came right next to me and ripped the s**t out of me.
My reaction :
***** * **** ** * * * STUPID ******* 8* * ** ** * * * DOGMAN * ** * ** * ******** (BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP SWER BEEP)

Wow... that sucks. I've never encountered a dogman so far from where they usually hang out thought I know it's still possible.

Pew pew pew!