Gonna make an interactive modding tutorial

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Gonna make an interactive modding tutorial

just throwing this out there because i'm just procastinating basically, and to yammer but...

i'm planning on learning flash to make an interactive modding guide much like this paint.net interactive guide here

what's putting me off so far though is i'm 100% new to flash or much of anything beyond a .ini file so i don't know where to begin learning how to accomplish this.

basically i'm not looking forward to fumbling through, which is what learning code usually involves

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Actually tried to learn flash to make a game i was working on but moved on to java when i heard that flash is losing support on a lot of platforms. Anyways, i started by learning the ropes from kong labs. Link is below. Its by no means comprehensive, but it does the job of letting you know what youre getting yourself into. Well best of luck on your project. :)