He who last laughs, laughs best

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He who last laughs, laughs best

So for the past six days since I've woken up in that creepy cryo lab, I've manage make myself a home in an drafty abandon office building and gettin' it fully stockpiled up on few days worth of food and water. Meanwhile, fools keep tryin' to roll me in the middle of the night for my precious gear. But thanks to my trusty alarm system of tin cans, they end up on my ever growin' corpse pile of dead fools.

So far, the only scrapes I've been gittin' is from scavengin' derelict houses and from bumbling about in the dark on the my way back to base camp. Otherwise, everything's been goin' aces for me. Until that Dogman showed up today.

At first, I thought he had the drop on me. But then I realized that he was only searching for me. So I slowly sneaked up to him until his furry butt was within range of my trusty spear. And then I let him have it. Blamo! Right in the noggin'.

And, boy, was he ever furious. And it only got worse for him as I was successfully dodging and weaving every one of his death blows. Couldn't even lay a claw on me. And for every missed swipe his harry paws made, for his troubles he's gittin' rewarded with a swift jab of my spear tip .

He's the scariest dude that I've so far met within a week of this strange and terrible place...And I'm laughin' my ass off as I'm making him into my personal pincushion. Pretty soon it's startin' to look like I was goin' to be walkin' out of this fight without a scratch on me. And with a sweet new dogman coat on my back.

And then this happens:

Final Moments:

Dogman is bleeding.
Player attacks Dogman...and hits!
Player whipped Dogman's lower chest with a broad spear stab.
** End Turn **
Dogman is bleeding.
Dogman is in severe pain, and is having trouble concentrating.
Player knocks some debris towards Dogman!
Dogman fell to the ground, and must regain footing to continue.
Dogman needs a moment to recover before acting again.
Dogman attacks Player...and hits!
Dogman shredded Player's upper chest with a claw.
Player is coughing up blood.
Player is unconscious.
Player fell to the ground, and must regain footing to continue.
Player is exposed to easy attack for a moment.
Player's heart stopped, and will likely die soon.
Player is stunned and unable to move for a moment.
Player: ...zzz...
Player is in minor pain, and some activities are affected.
** End Turn **
Player: ...zzz...
Player died due to cardiac arrest.

One moment you're king of the mountain...And the next, your the newest addition to an ever growin' corpse pile of dead fools.