[Mod/Resource] Feast of outstanding Delicacies (FooD) [v 1.0]

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[Mod/Resource] Feast of outstanding Delicacies (FooD) [v 1.0]

Feast of outstanding Delicacies v 1.0
Compatible with the version 1.12 of the game.

Version 1.0


FooD is a mini-mod/modders resource, containing all the food items and crafting form the Mighty (mini) Mod of Doom, without any other additions. The only game-play change from vanilla game is the Soup Can, which now needs to be opened first, just like other canned products introduced in the mod.

Version 1.0 adds 39 items and 14 recipes, all previously known form the M(m)MoD. By default, the mod modifies several treasure tables, so all the additions do show up in the game, both in shops and in loot.

New items:

Spoiler: Highlight to view
- Cooked Soup (+ sealed can)
- Meat Preserve (+ can and sealed can)
- Milk Powder (+ can and sealed can)
- Baked Beans (+ can and sealed can)
- Cat Food (+ can and sealed can)
- Milk
- Fish (Dried and Boiled)
- Fish Stock
- Wild Onion
- Sunroot
- Nuts
- Quail Eggs
- Pickles (+ jar and sealed jar)
- Brine
- Dietetic Chocolate
- Mulligan Stew (+ poisonous variant)
- Red Beans (Raw and Boiled)
- Stale Cookies
- Instant Coffee
- Aged Wine (+ bottle and sealed bottle)
- Cheap Wine
- Coffee

New Recipes:

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- Open Can (for all sealed cans): sealed can + small or medium, pointy, non-brittle blade
- Cooked Instant Soup: pot + drop of water + heat source + instant soup
- Condensed Milk: pot + drop of water + heat source + milk powder
- Boiled Fish in Stock: pot + drop of water + heat source + dried fish
- Vegetable Soup: pot + drop of water + heat source + 2x vegetable*
- Mulligan Stew (and poisonous variant): pot + drop of water + heat source + 2x vegetable* or mushroom + small meat chunk
- Cooked Beans: pot + drop of water + heat source + raw beans
- Coffee: pot + drop of water + heat source + instant coffee

*Vegetables: wild onions, sunroot, red beans
**Pot: sauce pan or empty can


This mod is meant mainly as a resource for other modders to incorporate in their work and/or build upon. It is fully playable as a stand-alone as well, but it does modify some important treasure tables, so it might not work with other mods, without some mod-merging.

If you're a modder, and wish to use the Feast of outstanding Delicacies in your mod, you are free to do so, as long as you'll give a proper credit and link back to this page :D

Info for modders:

Spoiler: Highlight to view
Treasure Tables modified:

ID 45 - a stretch of forest
ID 52 - botany bonus loot
ID 411 - Random food item
ID 413 - Random drink
ID 417 - Random plains junk
ID 423 - Random food item (urban)
ID 558 - ATN Trading Post Inventory

Items Modified
ID 39 - condensed soup
ID 84 - mushrooms
ID 86 - mushrooms

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Thanks for making this mod. I was looking at the treasure table and saw only the ATN inventory there. Was there a reason you didn't include DMC or was it too complicated? I'm not complaining, it's just that I'm currently at DMC getting over the stomach flu and I'm not in the best position to hike all the way to ATN at the moment.

I'm glad it works, after all ;)

The DMC market should also stock the new items, from time to time. It just do so via the "Random Food Item" table, unlike ATN market, which links to items directly, because it stocks smaller but more readily available selection of "natural" foods. Same table is used for the random food items the NPCs sometimes carry.

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