[WIP] German Translation in Work

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[WIP] German Translation in Work

Good day guys.
I've heard that some of you are looking for translations of the game.
But one of the apparent main problems why almost nobody seems to work on one,looks to be the fact that many other languages (like russian and Arabic) use different letters, that the games engine doesn't support. That is the reason why NEO SCAVENGER was developed in english.
But my language (german) "only" has 4 letter (ä,ö,ü,ß) that are not supported by the game. And most of the time I could avoid them, by simply using different words.
So I thought myself why not make a translation for my language and share them with you. Although I'm not bad in english, I wanted to translate especially this game, because I really love it and wanted to enhance my experience with it.
And I wanted to share it with everyone who is also a german and ever wanted a translation for it.

although not a German speaker i am also from a country that does not speak much English and can tell it is very nice to be able to understand the game you are playing. So i believe this would be a good idea. (I'm Brazilian by the way :) )

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While the idea is good, and while it's just awesome to have people like you who like the game enough to be willing to do this, there's a number of things you should consider before you set out. First off, a serious problem that should worry you is space. I've done some translating into German in my time, and very fast you realize that German is just really looong, in average, especially compared to English. It's not just the long compound words it's known for, it's also the way sentences are constructed, the addition of articles where English has none, etc etc, it all ends up eating a ton of real estate, and you often end up translating a sentence of 30 characters into a sentence of 90. This may not sound like much of a problem at first, but it is bound to cause a number of practical complications in a game that wasn't set up for translations, especially in screens with long texts. Whether such problems would be solvable by modding the game is something you may wonna investigate before setting out.

Similarly, translating UI elements is going to be an issue. I'm not a very technically minded person but I assume UI elements are hard coded and therefore non moddable? So even if you solve the (notoriously complicated in translator-land) problem of making German UI terms fit in boxes created for the equivalent English words that are half their size, you will want to maybe talk to Dan (the dev) about whether it is even technically doable.

And lastly, I assume you've played the game enough to realize that we're talking about a game that is about the size of a novel text-wise, right? :) Translating it would be a big and daunting task that would take a long time and a lot of persistence to finish, so you should be prepared for that.

I'm not trying to dissuade you, in fact I'd be more than happy to help if translating the game in German was actually possible. I'm just telling you to stop and think before making the decision to spend many hours in a project that may not actually end up seeing the light of day. Mainly because, eh.. been there, done that, proudly wear the badge and am here tell the story. XD

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linibot pls need help make mod pls

As I have explained in the PM - I'm not a modder.
Also: This is a thread about translations, please only post relevant things. Thank you.

NEO Scavenger: FAQ
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It's not a solution, but why not bypass it for now by substituting the umlaut letters with an addition 'e' behind them, i.e. ä=>ae,ö=>oe,ü=>ue,ß=>ss