Aww man, FINALLY beat the game, but I still messed up(spoilers)

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Aww man, FINALLY beat the game, but I still messed up(spoilers)

:'D So on this playthrough I finally managed to beat the game, mostly because I got lucky with Strange forest and got all three items allowing me to grind money to get all cyber eye upgrades. Oh and got elusive and unstopable on this playthrough, started with melee and strong so got unstopable just from giving hatter the video ^_^ Managed to even kill merga and loot the realm

So how did I mess up? Well, I got all possible items all possible things done(besides visiting hidden lake <_< Didn't wanna take a risk that I would accidentally kill myself on the run that was best so far), got all possible distraction items, used them explored camp grayling througly(heck even hacked the thing since I happened to have hacking), used all items that allow for extra quaries... But I was panicky and uploaded hatter's bug just in case I would accidentally use too many questions since I was pretty sure there aren't enough for all questions :'D Jos asked just 4 questions even though I didn't ask any of my extra ones...

Dang it, getting to end once was hard I only won this time because I got infinite dogman grind item and managed to survive until detroit without being shot in the head or getting blue rot from accidentally cultist encounters :'D Has anyone compiled the quarries or is it back to surviving for me?

Sounds like a fun playthrough. :) And yeah, first time I reached Grayling I was also confused and panicky and I hardly got much of it, so you're not alone there.

I'm not entirely sure I understand your question, so apologies in advance if I got this wrong, but I think you'd like to read the rest of Blackwhite's answers? If that's what you're asking, if you want to know the rest of the topics you can choose, and what type of info Blackwhite has on them, there's a reddit thread that attempted to list them. Goes without saying that these are heavy spoilers, so don't click unless you're sure you want to peek. Here goes: Blackwhite's answers. Of course one could also look them up in the game's xml on their own, if they feel like digging a bit.

It may be worth noting that you won't be offered some of these topics unless Philip during the current playthrough has knowledge of them. For a mildly less spoilerific list of just the topics (to see what you could do to try and unlock them next time), you can go to the NEO wiki - Camp Grayling entry (second spoiler from the end).

NEO Scavenger: FAQ
10 Ways (not) to Die - A beginner's guide

Yeah, thats what I'm referring to. I only saw answers to Philip, Bertrad, the one about merga wraith and "unexplained phenomena" before I put the bug just in case

Also, I'm amused by complains of one hit kill dogmen :D I mean, one did almost kill me when I was farming them for their pelts, but most of the time I used exploit weakness and killed them from range with spear.

(I killed merga wraith too with spear and exploit weakness <_< He never got closer than 3 though I think he did take more hits than dogmen did)

I'm still trying to beat the game, but haven't had enough time to play. I'm about to give up...

Andre Jones | Sonho da Loteria

You'll need some time to practice. Isn't so easy to beat without training a little! I hope you won! :)

Rubens Cardoso | Loja de CFTV

I need a lot of training until I can! Keep it up... :)

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I did not have time to finish either !!! The game seems to be very good, but due to lack of time and work, I could not finish yet.

Joana Liberato

Story a bit bland...the only legit interesting thing to me is the Isotope mine's mechanical tiger,Zom Zom's fights and of course the hidden lake superghost. If I knew how to mod I would make some kind of amazing story expansion, like how that one mod added all kinds of madness like the Jersey Devil and more unique creatures to fight. The worst part is dying and having to redo everything, the [Philip] story isn't all that (for a text-heavy RPG)

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It seems very interesting, I'm going to test this game.