Item Management, and HaxeFlixel

Today was sort of split into two parts. The first was coding, and the second was gamedev community.

The coding stuff was a continuation of yesterday's item work. As I was finishing up the item transfer code, I noticed a few things that would need fleshing-out. Things like retrieving nested items on a target (e.g. an item from within a container the crew was holding), and code to make sure items correctly updated parent/child relations.

I also made some changes to the way crew queries their surroundings for items and crew to fulfill their needs. Previously, they asked the ship for a list of compatible items/crew for their need. Now, they first check their own inventory, and then the ship.

I still have to test this, but most of the code is done and compiling.

The community aspect of my day involved discussing some ways to help improve HaxeFlixel with Lars. Since I'm using it for both NEO Scavenger tablet and this new prototype, he was pinging me for some input on what I use, what works and doesn't, etc. During which, I explained a lot of the textfield issues I encountered.

Since this was news to him, he encouraged me to submit a bug. So part of my day was building a test case to illustrate the bug, and that meant updating my libraries. (Haxe 3.2.1 has since come out, as has OpenFL 3.3.9 and Lime 2.6.9.) I've submitted my bug, along with sample code, and hopefully some folks find that helpful in pinning-down the issue!

I also agreed to send him a wishlist of features and fixes I'd like to see to make HaxeFlixel my go-to engine. So I'm going to spend some time thinking on that before sending it over. A couple of the things may have already been added since I last checked (such as shaders, woohoo!). And my list may actually be pretty short.

Anyway, minor progress today. I'm hoping to get more gameplay stuff in tomorrow. Have a good night, all!