Condition UI Hooked-up, Fixing Event-Handling

I finished hooking-up the Conditions UI to the data in the editor today. Now any field I change in the UI immediately changes the loaded game data, and I can choose to save that out to JSON files by pressing ctrl+s.

I had to add some special handling code to this latest UI to make sure it was adding/removing data in lists in the right way. I was originally assuming any time a user selected something it would be tacked-on at the end of a list. But in some cases, the user will be changing a listbox earlier in the stack, and the game data needs to update accordingly.

E.g. if a sleep condition applies triggers sleep01, sleep02, and sleep03, and the user changes sleep02 to sleep02a, the editor needs to update the second item in the list, not just plop a new sleep02a at the end of the list.

As you might have guessed, this also meant going over the previous UIs I've built to make sure they handle similar situations. However, since I had to go over them anyway to hook-up the rest of their fields to the game data, that wasn't too far out of my way. As of this evening, I've updated EditCondTrigger to use this new handler code, too, and all of its fields are hooked-up.

Tomorrow, it's time to tackle the hook-ups for EditInteraction, and make sure it has the requisite handlers for lists. I'll probably skip adding a UI editor for colors, since they're trivial to edit by hand. (It'll mean having to reload the editor if I edit colors, but I'm willing to lean on that crutch for now, until it becomes more of a pain.)

We're getting close!