JSON Wrangling, Condition Editor

I managed to successfully convert all the prototype's XML data over to JSON, and update the game to read and write JSON. It simplified code quite a bit, in exchange for some extra JSON read/write handlers within each class. I also learned that typedefs are not available at runtime, so I had to do without some type checking in the JSON code. It's poor programming practice, but I chalked it up to "get it working first, and optimize later when there isn't time left and you can forget about it."

Once the game was using the new JSON data, I started work on the condition editor UI. Looks like it'll be mostly like the UIs I already created, so it's mostly copy-pasting chunks of code and modifying as-needed.

I also think there are still quite a few data fields that need event handlers attached to them so they talk back to the game data when they are edited. But once that is done, I think we're "go" for editing. I've already got ctrl+S hooked up to save all data back out to JSON.

Then, we test it!