[WIP] Galahir's Zombie Mini-Mod (10/16/15)

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[WIP] Galahir's Zombie Mini-Mod (10/16/15)

I saw the little blurb about Project Zomboid and I thought to myself, "Why don't I put zombies in Neo Scavenger?" After a few days, and a lot of help from Archadeas, I finally got the mod complete and to a point that I feel it can be released. It currently has partial Out-of-the-Box support of the EXE Patchwork M(onster)od, but Neitronus is helping on that front.

What is added:

Spoiler: Highlight to view
Zombies with the ability to create large swarms
Currently spawn by the DMC and ZomZom's, because of the large amount of people there
Drop 2 rotten pieces of medium human meat instead of corpses, the corpses took up too much space when they swarm.
Zombies Drop similar loot to the looter, minus most weapons.
Mt. Pleasant Quarantine Zone (Optional, You Have to Add the Maps.XML file into a "Zero Mod" Folder)
11 New News Stories

Latest Release

This mod looks be so cool!


English ins't my first language, so sorry for it

Thank you, let me know what you think when you get a chance to play it.

I played the mod and it is awesome, it adds one of the things that i felt falt
Great Work xD


English ins't my first language, so sorry for it

Hey mate! I just wanted to test out this mod and encountered an error.

In the "creatures" data file, in the entry for Zombie faction standing, there are references to MoD and NSE, meaning that your mod cannot be played as a stand-alone (the game, obviously, cannot find those when those mods are not installed).

Maybe include an alternate file with those removed, for folks wanting to zombify the vanilla game ;)

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DeviantArt Gallery of MoD Sprites

I just released a fix.

Then I added your mod to the mod list ;)

Also, if I may suggest something, adding a few zombie-related articles to the newspapers (via the "headlines" data file) would make for a cool little addition.

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Would it be uncouth of me to do multiple articles separated by months or years? How do most people add over-arching stories?

The game isn't really made in a way that would allow for a comprehensive storytelling via articles. They simply need to fit on screen, meaning there is really little space for text. Plus, there is no way to force the newspapers to spawn with set articles, meaning players will always find them totally at random.

Best way to use them, in my opinion, is to stick with how the vanilla game does it - small snippets of information, a sentence or two in a newspaper-speak style, hinting on things without actually providing any in-detail data.

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I am fine with them appearing at random. I like piecing together events from hints in the world.

Would this fit?

Spoiler: Highlight to view
Rearmament: The D.O.D. Prosthesis Project
A leaked congressional budget mentions a sealed project called Dionysus. Upon further investigation and pressure from IonRX, the D.O.D disclosed the purpose of the project. Using gene therapy, stem cells, and bones 3D printed from calcium-carbonate on a carbon nanotube frames... (Cont. On Pg. 17)

Yes, anything roughly twice as long as that one, or shorter, should fit.

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New Update W/ Mt. Pleasant and News Stories

IS this mod dead? Would it work with version 1.13 and be able to combine with EXE Patchwork?

The mod is not dead, it is just on hiatus while I get through classes and some jobs I have to do. It is in a fully working state and should be compatible with the latest release. There is unofficial support for the patchwork mod, but it is not guaranteed to work.

How would I even activate this? This mod doesn't seem to follow the common mod format, in all the other mods I have, the folder usually contains an img subfolder and a neogame.xml, but this mod contains a data folder, what?


Data folder and xml file are the same thing from the game perspective.

I updated it to 1.2.1 to fix a small issue in the encounters file that prevented it from working. Thanks to MrNiceGuy1321 and Daemonbot for the help.

Can you make a vid on how to use this mod cause its very confusing