NEO Scavenger 50% Off at!

Hey Folks!

For the first time ever, NEO Scavenger is discounted 50%! And you can get it at's Indie Pinata Sale.

IMAGE( NEO Scavenger 50% off deal at

For a limited time, you can get NEO Scavenger for half of it's normal list price. And while you're there, check out the many other games featured with up to 80% discounts!

Or, if you're feeling adventurous, try giving the piñata a whack! Every Indie Piñata costs $3 (or your local equivalent) and includes a random indie game that thinks you should play. The Piñata can include games anywhere from ~$9.99 to ~$44.99.

Note that NEO Scavenger is not inside the Indie Piñata, so if you want NEO Scavenger specifically, you'll have to purchase it directly. However, there are reports of some very cool games coming out of the Indie Piñata, and the selection changes regularly!

So head on over to's Indie Pinata Sale, and take a look around!