Always Never Update...

So today was a bit of a bust. I got very little done due to a server update I applied.

I have a server (NAS) running in my apartment which I use for storing the version-controlled files for all my projects. Last month, I updated the server's OS for a security update. Unbeknownst to me, this update wiped out my version control installation on the server, causing my development machine to complain of network connection errors when I tried to update my code this morning.

After hours of debugging, I eventually figured out what happened. And after more hours of helpless trial end error, I finally found a solution in a dusty corner of the web.

It turns out the OS's new way of handling my version control was not running because of an old setting from the original. Removing that setting and rebooting the NAS got things working again. I wouldn't have found this single line of config if it weren't for a forum deep on the web.

The good news is that it seems to be up and running again, and I can update my files normally. But it pretty much killed any progress today.

The one thing I did manage to do in the remainder of my day was to finish a collapsible, html changelog for NEO Scavenger dating back to September 2012. Some folks have been asking for it, and I think I'll publish it on the game's download page for those interested. As said yesterday, it's a bit redundant this late in the game for NS1, but I hope to make it a thing for all future games. Saves folks the trouble of searching for "New Beta Build" for info.

Also as said yesterday, I should make better use of the title screen in future games for broadcasting relevant info.

For now, though, time to sign-off and mind the baby. Have a good night, all!