Glass bottle OP

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Glass bottle OP

/dont know if this section of the forum is for expert prose writers who can conjure up amazingly detailed stories, or for just saying "lol this is how i died" like its project zomboid/

no this is not a "_____ ITEM OP PLS NERF AND GIV MOR SNYPARS PLS!!!

Day 16, was bored of shanking looters with a baseball bat (using NSE)
Decided i'd loot the black swamp with my new gasmask
Turns out the cartridge was empty and I now had defoliant exposure.
"well, im skrewed l0l" I said to myself as I prepared to quit, but I renembered that I had a massive box of alcohol.
Smashed all the bottles and stuffed them in my inventory, then ran north like KFC was about to shut.
Found a pack of 4-5 dogmen, charged em with a broken glass bottle in each hand
Can't renember the fight messages, but most of the hits were "glas botel brok also u didnt do jack to their armor xddd!!"
I did manage to kill 3 of them but the other 2 ganged on me and I tripped, then was promptly bit to death (TY FOR THE DOGMAN BUFF FEDORA MAN)

tl:dr - glass bottle best weapon for kill dogman

no death log :^(

if you want exact figures of how many glass bottles i went through:
i had a yukon "canvas" backpack and two duffle bags (using shouldered too)
all of my containers were filled with broken glass bottles
wearing full DMC armor (also filled with glass bottles)

p.s still waiting for you to be able to shoot yourself danny fedor
^ i meant put the player shooting himself not you mr fedora man

"o, we will get on it to make sure u r unabanned!!!" <--- my old job as a forum moderator

ps daddy fedor i want 2 shoot a lasered gun!!!