Back from Babyland. Catching-up, Bugs, and Changelog

I'm back! It's been a long (and often sleepless) month, but we're finally getting the hang of parenting enough for me to start working again. The baby is healthy and has three stat bars: food, poop, and sleep. They run down about once per 2.5-3 hours each.

The first order of business was to quickly run through the forums and catch-up here and there. I definitely couldn't cover them all, but I tried to get up-to-date on the tech support at least. And while I was doing so, I fixed a few minor bugs in NEO Scavenger's St. James Parkade and creature death code.

I also caught-up with the contractor who's helping me with NEO Scavenger mobile. Not playable yet, but I was able to get character creation screens displaying on Android, and could manipulate skills on the PC (Haxe Neko) version of the mobile engine. Steve says he should be on track for a more playable engine next month, so fingers crossed!

Finally, I decided to look into a changelog for NEO Scavenger I can post on the website. It's been requested a number of times, and I never got around to it. Since I haven't yet ramped-up on prototype work after paternity leave, I figured the website could use some love.

It's admittedly a bit redundant now that the game is almost a year old, but it'll be good to have something setup for this to use with future projects, too.

Speaking of meta-game data, I recently started playing both Rimworld and Duskers, and I was impressed by the messaging both devs had on their games. Rimworld had some really nice links on the title screen for things like the dev log, wiki, setting info, and other relevant data for players and modders. Duskers had a handy development meter on its title screen, as well as links on the menu.

And, of course, they're both really cool games :) (Rimworld in particular is a bit like what I have in mind for the new crew-management prototype, so I had a lot of fun scratching that itch in between diaper changes.)

Anyway, things are spooling-up here, and hopefully I'll be back to full speed soon!