Disease/Water/Fire: Early game struggles!

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Disease/Water/Fire: Early game struggles!

Hey all :)

Fairly new to the game (about 10 hours), but thought I'd post here because I'm having the same failure every game.

Practically every time I die, it's down to some sort of infection. Typically cholera/waterborne infection, but also sepsis from infected wounds etc.

Sometimes the cold too - I've had attempts where even after scavenging 9 or so buildings I find no clothes! But I guess that's just freaky luck o_0

I think the longest I've lasted so far is about three days, and that was when almost everything went perfectly (got excellent clothing and a lighter immediately, incapacitated a thug and stole his meat cleaver and rucksack, had a big camp with saucepans and the other basic essentials). Then I bled out after a Dogman spontaneously showed up to claw me to death - I had no sterile bandages left for the wounds.

The biggest problem for me seems to be getting enough water and the fire to clean it. Even when I hoard all the bottles I find, it's only enough to wash a few rags - and that leaves nothing sterile to drink. And unless I'm missing something, you have to lug it back to your campsite, because it's the only place you can store all the wood you need to stoke the fire up - which wastes time.

Also, I'm dependent on weather to start a fire anyway, since I haven't taken Trapping yet (I know I probably should, but I feel it's a bit of a cop out to always "have" to take that skill...) - so when it rains constantly for three days straight things go to hell.

Perhaps I should try starting a fire next to a river, and purifying a big batch of water all at once? That's the only solution I can think of, early game...

Counter 1:
Take the perks "Strong" "Meelee" and "Trapping"
Select both strong AND meelee in the dogman encounter
Combine the dogman corpse with a glass shard and the "Trapping" skill in the crafting screen
Bam, dogman fur coat!

Counter 2:
go directly 7 squares north of Gyges (There should be a message about humming)
Go into Zomzoms
Select self as "Stock" (So you dont loose any items)
Read/Skip the flavour text
Select "Wait" after the game tells you you're shocked
A man called "The stout" will talk to you
Select "Just give him the info"
Skip the rest of the flavour text
Bam, you get free loot like clothes and a backpack along with a weapon if your lucky (I got a rifle once)
Make sure to empty out the locker when you're done!

"o, we will get on it to make sure u r unabanned!!!" <--- my old job as a forum moderator

ps daddy fedor i want 2 shoot a lasered gun!!!

Atlas offers some approaches that will definitely help you, but they may also narrow the game down a bit before you have a chance to discover it. A different way to tackle the problem in a more general way is: Stop thinking of this game as a base building game, stop staying at the same area for long, and stop trying to game it. ;)

What I'm trying to say may sound weird, but I kept loosing for close to a month at this game when I was still trying to play this as another base-building survival game. Many of my usual tactics just wouldn't work, and the game would kill me. Attempting to approach NEO with less gaming habits and more common sense will change the way you play only subtly, but it will also get you further. For example: If you had just woken up to Cryo and saw the lights of civilization from afar, your seemingly only chance to find other humans and help, would you hunker down in your base all by yourself and expect to survive, or would you start running naked and with nothing towards civilization, praying to all gods in the universe that you wouldn't die of thirst along the way? Another example: If you were just out of Cryo, but had already found a decent weapon, and some angry dude or supernatural monster came at you, would you think to yourself "I can take this" and try to see if you can win the fight, or would you scream and start running in the other direction? Seriously, think about it. XD

I'm not at all saying there aren't plenty of ways to game the game. ;) I could just go ahead and give you a bunch of spoilers. I'm just saying that if you're looking to figure things out on your own and explore it without wikis, this approach can be pretty rewarding. And btw, you don't need to find water in water bottles. There are rivers, marshes, and lakes in random forests and fields that have all the water you could want. Some of it will be infectious, but you can probably worry about that after you manage to start surviving past the first 3 days. And you will find many of those water sources on your way towards the light, which is where you should be heading instead of staying at the Cryo Facility trying to make a base. :)

And P.S. If you're still really stumped after trying this approach, there's more non spoilery tips in the guide in my sig. ;)

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