Adobe Flash 13 has stopped working - Error on Steam

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Adobe Flash 13 has stopped working - Error on Steam

I just purchased Neo Scavanger on Steam download went fine, I've validated my files.

Pushed play and adobe flash player 13 opens then gives me an error of Adobe Flash Player 13.0 r) has stopped working.

I've tried to update flash player.

Current system specs.

Windows 10 64 bit.
Chrome is using Adobe 18

For some reason Steam is using adobe 13 and I can't get it to update I've tried every variety of adobe I could find and nothing.

Only thing I have not done is uninstall Steam and reinstall and I'd rather not do that.

Suggestions would be appreciated really looking forward to playing this!


Hi Lex1785,

Sorry for the issues launching the game! Let's see if we can figure out what's causing the crash.

First of all, don't worry too much about the Flash version difference. It's a point of confusion with many players, but NEO Scavenger is completely unrelated to the Flash plugin your browser uses (unless, of course, you're playing the web version of the game at

Instead, NEO Scavenger is packaged in an older "projector format" version of Flash for cross-platform compatibility reasons. So NEO Scavenger will always say v13 no matter what your system has installed. (Think of it kind of like MS PowerPoint's projector format from back in the day. Basically, an executable wrapper so it can be played on systems without Flash installed.)

When you launch the game, are you seeing any other error messages besides the "has stopped working"? E.g. do you see a window open? Are any log messages displayed before the error?

Normally, if there were any data or config files missing, you'd see log messages on the loading/splash screen saying so. Even if there were no data files at all. So I suspect the issue may be something else.

One thing to try might be to see if Steam might be interfering somehow. If you navigate to the game's folder on your file system, what happens if you launch the .exe directly? (Typically, a Windows installation puts the NEOScavenger.exe file in a folder like: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\NEO Scavenger)

Does this produce different results?

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games


Going direct from the exe in the steam app folder worked like a charm. No issues at all.

When I run it through stream I don't get any errors just opens the adobe flash player then says the above error.

For now it seems i can play utilizing the exe directly in the steamapp folder.

Thanks much!

That's good to hear! You shouldn't have to jump through that hoop, but at least the workaround works.

When you're feeling up to it, it might be worth trying to launch NEO Scavenger from within Steam after toggling some settings, to see if that helps:

1 - Disable Flash's hardware acceleration by right-clicking anywhere on the loading splash screen of NEO Scavenger after launching, and choosing "Settings..." There's an option to toggle "Enable Hardware Acceleration." Normally, this has little effect, but it can't hurt to try it. Try re-launching after this change, and see if it helps.

2 - If toggling that doesn't make a difference, you can also try disabling the Steam overlay for NEO Scavenger. To do this, I believe you right-click on NEO Scavenger in the Steam library, and there should be a checkbox for it in one of the tabs. After disabling the overlay, see if launching works.

Hopefully, it's something that can be avoided without needing to run the app manually.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

HI i have done all of this and still i can not start the game. ty. just restarted the pc and it worked. if someone answer me thank you anyways