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this is the chance for a campsite to appear on a secluded shack in the woods

<table name="treasuretable"> <column name="id">524</column> <column name="strName">forest shack camp type</column> <column name="aTreasures">overhaulMod:12.1x.30x1|12.1x0.3x1-1|12.3x0.3x1-1|12.4x0.2x1-1|12.6x0.2x1-1</column> <column name="bNested">0</column> <column name="bSuppress">0</column> <column name="bIdentify">0</column> </table>

i noticed that before i added my bit it, adding the chances up for each campsite totaled 100%, however adding mine in the way i did seems to have no negative effects. if i choose for the sum total to be less than or great than 100% does that change anything? is there anything i should know?

OverHaul Mod
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In any treasuretable with "or/|", anything above the 100% will simply be ignored, starting with the last thing on the list, moving back to the beginning.

So in your example:
overhaulMod:12.1x.30x1| 30%
12.1x0.3x1-1| 60%
12.3x0.3x1-1| 90%
12.4x0.2x1-1| 10% totals to 100% - the remaining 10% is ignored
12.6x0.2x1-1 ignored totally

If, on the other hand, the total in such treasure table is below 100%, the remaining gap is treated as "nothing".

So 12.1x0.30x1|12.2x0.30x1 means:
30% chance for 12.1,
30% chance for 12.2,
40% chance for nothing.

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aha thanks. well good thing i decided not to chance it and just took 3% off the top and made it 16% for my bit.

thanks Kaaven

OverHaul Mod
DevKit is an upgraded BBC mod.
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