help getting Samplemod to work

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help getting Samplemod to work

I'm having a horrible time getting the samplemod to work. I've updated the `getmods.php` file, and I'm working with a brand new install of the game from Steam (I should also note, I'm on a Mac), but I'm still not seeing a shopping bag in the cryo hex.

I know the mod is loading because I can see it referenced in the loading screen when the game first starts. With a brand new install of the game, here is my `getmods.php` file contents:

Am I doing something wrong? What is this mod supposed to do?

Ooh, I think you may have found a bug in the sample mod!

Looks like I forgot to move the data files for the mod into /data subfolders after I split the data into multiple files.

If you create a subfolder "data" in each of these folders:


and then move the .xml files in those mod folders into the data folders, like this:


Does that work? It seems to here, and if so, I should update future builds to include that new structure.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

I deleted the NEO Scavenger game folder. Then installed a clean version from Steam. After that I added a new folder named `data`, and moved the XML files into each of their respective folders (per your instructions). It worked! I loaded the game and searched the Cryo hex. The sample bag was there.

I should note: the loading screen was throwing a lot of file not found errors. Here is a screenshot of the errors:

Thanks for your help. I know you're busy making awesome games. Keep up the good work.

Glad to hear it!

And those errors are normal. Basically, the game tries to load a data file for each data type. Since these mods only have one type of data in them, there are a lot of missing data type files. (E.g. the sample bag item doesn't need to change or add any creature data, so no creatures.xml).

The main time those 2032/File Not Found errors are a problem is if they're in the main game data folder, or if they list a mod file you know it should be loading.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

may i ask what does this "do" for modding though? it seems to be same thing execpt the notepad++'s search function is slighlty less neccisary

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