Big Announcement! And An Extended OOO Notice.

Hey Folks! Some pretty big news to report today. I'm soon to be a dad!

Our first baby is due any time now, and signs are starting to point to today. That means things are going to be pretty crazy for the next little while. As such, I'll be taking an extended leave from work to take care of baby and a very tired mom, visit with family, and generally hold down the fort as we get our bearings.

It's hard to say how long I'll be away from work, but probably at least a month. Between Rochelle's recovery, sleepless nights, and learning to be parents, there won't be any time to do development, PR, or other work stuff.

What does this mean for Blue Bottle Games? Hopefully, just a month or so of quiet time. I won't be doing any development or PR each day, and I probably won't have much time for email or forum activity. I may pop by occasionally to put out any fires or deal with major announcements (e.g. discounts, interesting news/events), but I don't want to promise anything in case I can't deliver.

So if I don't reply to your emails, messages, or posts, it's nothing personal. Just busy with the new baby! (That said, email is still the best way to reach me in an emergency. I'll still endeavor to skim my inbox from time-to-time for anything critical. I'll be slow to respond, though, if I do at all.)

So take care for now, and I'll see you in a little while!


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Congratulations! And good luck!

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May the Force be with you... You gonna need it ;)

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Congratulations!! :)

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Thanks, guys! Starting to get the hang of things. Though unsurprisingly, babies change things up when it gets too smooth for too long :)

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Are you starting to mis sleep yet? :p

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Congratultions! You finally started to build up an in-house playtesting team. I just hope you won't lose even more hair. ;-b

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