NEO Scavenger Null-Pointer Fixes, and GOG Sale!

Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. It was a purging weekend for us, as we took loads of stuff to recycle, reuse centers, and to the dump. We still have carloads left, but it's nice to have that pile on our floor slowly shrink!

Apart from some email catch-up, most of today was spent on some NEO Scavenger bugs. I was able to use a player's save game to reproduce some pesky bugs in the crafting system (usually seen by players who peddle tannin tea to the market).

It looks like there was a problem in the quickrecipe buttons being cleaned-up when leaving the crafting screen, causing "orphan" quick recipe buttons to be left behind. These would trigger quick recipies on occasion (when entering the tile again?), but wouldn't be associated with any of the player's recipes anymore, causing a null-pointer when executed. (Eventually, leading to weird behavior in the game.)

There was also an occasional bug that appeared when tannin-brewing/selling if one switched to a manual recipe later on, such as sterilizing water. This appears to be the result of the "confirm craft" process being triggered while the game had no current recipe selected.

It's hard to tell if this second one was due to the first bug or not, as it only happens occasionally.

Whatever the case, I was able to add some "protective" code to the crafting system to basically check for these null values before proceeding. This way, it bails-out early before crashing/corrupting the game if there's a problem. It'll also now clean up so-called "orphan" buttons if it runs into them trying to trigger themselves.

If this works, it should hopefully stop two more sources of null-pointers in the game, resulting in fewer weird/random bugs!

GOG Sale!

Also, NEO Scavenger is on sale at! For the next several days, NEO Scavenger is 33% off the regular price. So if you (or your friends) keep missing the discounts, now's your chance!

Have a good night, all!


Rovlad's picture

I've loaded an old save which had that crafting bug we've discussed with you.
After playing further, for almost 7 hours straight, I think that I can definitely say it's fixed now. Cheers!