Short Day of NEO Scavenger Bugs

Today was cut short by a trip into town for an appointment, so I decided to spend some time on NEO Scavenger stuff. I went through the tech support forums on both Steam and here, and tried to catch up on any threads that needed it.

A lot of what I was reading unfortunately seems to be too random for me to reliably reproduce on my end. They are bugs that only appear in some playthroughs but not others, or after long periods of play. I'm starting to see a pattern, though, which may involve either dying and starting a new game within the same app session, and/or having certain mods installed. It might be worth trying to do a long-play session for testing in the debugger, focusing on those cases.

One bug I was able to fix, however, was a bug in the flashlight/NV goggles data. It appears they were set to only drain batteries when equipped, and could be left in bags or on the ground while turned on. It was a simple fix to switch them so they deplete while turned on, regardless of how they're stored. Since they didn't provide a bonus while unequipped anyway, this shouldn't hurt game balance much except to make them a bit more realistic.

I was also alerted to a bug involving the

Spoiler: Highlight to view
stranger's hood becoming stuck in the hands if held.

Unfortunately, fixing this would involve changing a lot of the item code, which is highly risky to stability. So I think I'll have to set this aside as a possible improvement to the items system in the sequel. Fortunately, there is an (admittedly unrealistic) in-game workaround to get out of the situation, for those who are interested.

That's all for now. I should be back to prototype work tomorrow!