The Feast Of Thousands

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The Feast Of Thousands

The Mega Tech Museum was one of the most popular museums in Detroit. Every day, countless visitors came to see the world's most amazing inventions. Before everything collapsed, this was the case. When schools used to exist, countless school children would search for their favourite inventions. Now, countless rats and hopeful scavengers would search for anything they could eat or use.

Mike was one of these people.
The emotio-ray was a failed weapon prototype designed to enhance the morale and spirit of soldiers to make an army that would never stop until their enemies were dead. Another effect of this ray was that the soldiers would not suffer from PTSD, so once the war had been won, the victor would not have to deal with millions of traumatised soldiers. The prototype failed because within 20 minutes of the initial test, 28 of the 30 rats it was tested on attempted to commit suicide via drowning in toilet water in a nearby restroom. The other two were mating with each other at the time the ray was fired, and, due to the large amount of pheromones being produced, were immune to the effects the ray produced. As the government was in desperate need for money and didn't want any other countries to be inspired by this weapon, it was sold to the Mega Tech Museum for the use of entertaining people by making monkeys go insane at the press of a button.

During a riot, the emotio-ray's glass container was damaged. Now, it lay motionless on the ground leaving no trace of it's original use.

Mike searched the floor with his hungry and tired eyes. A dogman had just attempted to attack him, forcing the starving Mike to run into the museum and block the door with a vending machine that he didn't know was supporting the crumbling roof of the old building. He walked down the viewing area, seeing nothing but broken display cases and a stack of brochures that nobody had picked up since 10 years before the apocalypse. Every rat running across the floor sent a shock through him. He was emotionally damaged and beginning to have double vision from the hunger. He snatched the rat from the ground, hearing nothing but its screams even after he devoured it raw. He spat out a wormy tail and continued to hobble down the corridor that led to the amusement section of the museum.

A rat appeared out of nowhere. Mike couldn't see a thing. He stood on the rat and tripped, hitting his head on the cold concrete. The rat was squashed into pieces, one of his teeth flying sideways towards what looked like a bundle of scrap electronics.

A still functioning button was pressed that activated the malfunctioning machine. A wave of anger coursed through Mike, making him throw his fist into a crumbling pillar. A dogman charged toward him and threw him through another pillar. Mike picked up a nearby piece of concrete and beat the dogman in the head until a giblet stew was all that remained of him. A piece of the roof that was no longer supported fell on the bundle of scrap electronics, resulting in the machine's effect to fail. Mike, seeing what he had done, fell to the ground in sadness, realising how brutally he had bludgeoned this creature that didn't know any better.

As his mind crumbled, so did the building around him. Light fixtures fell and created fountains of shards and sparks, the smoke of concrete powder became dense and unbreathable, rats scurried aimlessly in attempt to save their lives while avoiding glass and choking on the air. The sparks and smoke reminded Mike of the concerts he used to love, the celebrations he used to enjoy, the life that had crumbled around him, and the people he had lost.

As the building fell, a giant smoke cloud rose. A cloud that would lead curious scavengers to a horde of furious, vicious rats that would claim the lives of many.

The action of one human ended up being the demise of hundreds, and the feast of thousands more.

Welcome back, nice to see more from you. :) You're the one person I know that manages to make NEOs world sound even more depressing than it is described as. ;) Good story, very inventive, thanks for sharing!

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Thanks! Not sure how to take that last part though :P

It's good to be back! :)

Take it as a compliment. :)

NEO Scavenger: FAQ
10 Ways (not) to Die - A beginner's guide

EYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY, b0ss your back! Love reading your stories.

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