Step by step help in adding multiple mods

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Step by step help in adding multiple mods

First and foremost thanks all for reading this. And a special thanks to anyone who is willing to take the time out of their day to assist me in a step by step walkthrough of how to exactly install multiple mods. The mods I want to install are the banjo fishing shoulder label bottles and either Nse extended or Mmod mods. I have read a ton of posts and watched a few tutorial and I still can't grasp the whole get mods PHP overwrite system. I'm not quite sure if I'm supposed to download each individual mod then take each individual php file and overwrite it and if so where do i overwrite it etc. This game consumes me..but the modding concept is very new to me. Thanks and please help or guide me in the right direction.


There is an imgur guide (link in the FAQ) with step by step instructions on how to merge mods. There is also another link there to the forum thread where the developer explains merging mods. Maybe one of those can help you? If not, which steps have you tried, what didn't work, and what part do you have questions about? It will be easier for us to help you if we know which part of the process is causing you trouble. :)

Also, Banjo actually provides both a pre-merged getmods.php file and step by step instructions on how to use his mods with NSE. If you look for example towards the end of his intro post in the Fishing thread, you can see numbered steps of what exactly to do. And if you download it and take a peak in how he creates his getmods.php file, it may help in learning how to add more than one mods in it.

Many modders actually do that same thing in their threads, and there are also threads with different mod combinations with already merged getmods.php files that players have made available to the community. They all have instructions on what to do and what you need to download, but you can always ask them for more help if you try it and it doesn't work or if you stumble onto a problem. So maybe another idea would be to dig a bit in the modding forum for posts titled [Merge].

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