The Unstoppable

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The Unstoppable

I woke up with a set of skills unparalleled to any living being out there , i had been known to live by the woods and to have a strong physic and close quarter combat training , but most of all a great will of determination.Confused and scared like most cryo´s i heard a beast, this beast startled me for a short moment but i knew what had to be done , the door finnaly gave away and the large furry being that was very humanoid like was itimidating , but i stand my ground and looked into his eyes , and so the beast seemed confused like no other being ever stod up agaist it , what that monster felt to me was fear and confusion , very shortly he lunged at me with his sharp claws and teeth , but i was mutch stronger and experienced with my surroundings.Has i was fighting the beast i noticed a weak spot , the beast was already hurt so why not take advantage, i immediately targeted the beast´s leg and it fell to my knee´s in pain , than i had to finish it off by breaking it´s thick neck and so the beast was put down.I saw a control panel with data recordings first i was looking for clue for who i might be but than i saw some security tapes of me kicking some beast butt and took the security tape , but than something caught my eye , names of people on a archive , shortly after i noticed a particular person ''Philip Kindred'' this person had a familiar name that i couldn´t get my head arround, moments later while looking for more clues i noticed that there was something in one of my wrists , it was a wrist strap with the name , Philip Kindred.

(This was my first part , if my grammar is a bit off than im sorry because im not english but if over 3 people like this than ill make more.)

The unstoppable.