[Out-of-date] EXE Patchwork m(onster)od v.0.98.3(RC6) (Neo Scavenger Extended + Mighty mod of Doom + BBC + others)

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How do I add them to BBC?

Hell No!


I don't know if it is normal but the crafting formula for crowbar with strap (and other "with strap" formula) are not available anymore.
Consequence : the game is barely playable because you'll need to have the crowbar and other weapons in the hand all the time.

Any idea what's the problem here ?


Installed : NS v1.15 + m(onster)od by Tierre (RC7?)


You need to craft a strap rope(ENS) from 10 medium strings. Then you'll be able to add the strap on the weapon

Hello! any news on Depth of Gyges mod merge with this one?

guy stopped updating/making mods here a long time ago.

OverHaul Mod
DevKit is an upgraded BBC mod.
Improve your mods.

Oh I thought there's still that unofficial b0.4 still going. Thanks.

I think there is a bug here. I can't use pills bottles to craft anything, as they don't show up in the crafting window...
And another one: Philips is having Hurt Feet AND Injured Foot!!! (-1) + (-1) = -2 to Action points! Shouldn't be those conditions redundant!!!

What is the current status of the mod?

It was one of my favorite ones in a long time, for doing exactly what I needed for a while, but I was wondering if any updates have been made, or if there are any news for the future.

There is no future. The author of this modpack stopped updating it a long time ago. If someone wants to take up the mantle and make it anew, that'd be great, and I'd probably even donate to such a project, but for the moment it's gone.

I've run into an issue. It seems impossible to cure parasites (fleas, lice etc.) no matter how many times I wash myself with detergent. There is also no delousing option in the Haggerty Health Clinic. This is using Tierre's version.

Thanks for this great patchwork. Two questions: How do I install this multimod? Do I simply extract all the files in it in the game's folder? I think so, but it would be nice to make it clear in the description, or even add a readme in the .rar. And about recipes, could we have something like a wiki, or at least a list, with all the working recipes when using this patchwork mod? I am not sure what works and what doesn't and it's not very practical to have 3-4 pages open to check the recipes of each mod, plus the original ones... I am sure you understand. Oh well, perhaps I ask for too much. Thanks anyway!

Oh damn, I just read the latest comments, it seems I have no hope for a reply, or a recipe list, plus there are other issues. I'll just use the shoulder mod and one of the expanding mods, which one is the best, Extended, Mini mod of doom, some other?