[Out-of-date] EXE Patchwork m(onster)od v.0.98.3(RC6) (Neo Scavenger Extended + Mighty mod of Doom + BBC + others)

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For some reason, whenever I start up the game, I can't seem to find that Big Bad Cheater mod to be working as the in-game skill selection screen does not have the usual skills for that comes with the cheat mod, Is there something i've been doing wrong with the installation? I change the getmods note with the one used by the mod pack and i install everything to the direct game folder but it just doesn't show up.

The merge requires the original BBC mod to work, that may be the problem.

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SO how would I be able to merge that mod into this one, because as the EXE Patchwork mod pack changes the entire notepad and I don't know how to input it into the same lines and I am very new to modding for neo scavenger. But I appreciate you taking time to reply to my comment for help.

i just cant create rawhide patches. and im damn glad to read above that it might be a bug cause i was messing around with it for 2 days now thinking im doing something wrong.
it really needs to be fixed since you need that for all kinds of recipes.

Says page not found? I cant download the mod.

The hyperlinks are currently broken all across the site - the admin is working to fix it.

EDIT: The issue is now fixed, so you can try downloading again.

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Oh Thanks!

Hi, first of all, great work with all mod merge. Although I want to report some critical bugs that makes the game unplayable:

- When you access any refuge in combat situations, some items just vanish forever in that refuge when you click on them, although they are still visible until you exit the game and reenter.

- In a Lake hex (not sure if it happens only there or not) everything i store in a refuge vanishes.

- Regarding the refugee camp and other map locations, when i exit the game and return, the refugee camp (the refugee camp hex indeed, so there is no more camp) and all the map indications are gone. Moreover, i loaded a game where it was night, and when the sun rose, i found all the hexex previously explored where blacked again!

- Not sure if i didn't make it well, but i couldnt roast or cook anyhow the fish chunks.

- Not exactly a bug, but when crafting, the fur hat should be labelled "gear" instead of "misc"

- I believe i managed to craft a hide shirt or something like that, but didn't find it in the crafting recipes. Maybe it was in "misc" instead of "gear"

- The Stroller vehicle (cool) can't be repaired, in fact it can't be put into crafting because of its size.

I hope this gets solved because this mod gives us a whole new way of playing!

Also, i know that can be a very hard work, but a merged Neo scavenger wikia is a must!

This mod has to have been made by the gods! Where has it been all my Neo Scavenger life! (Aside from the year or so before modding)

Rar! Rar rar rar! Thanks for reading :)

Anybody knows what's the ham radio for? where can i use it with any success, not only static?

I wish there could be a version with Skill training instead of BBC, earning skills instead of just tossing them in the character creation is pretty intriguing

I don't get the BBC stuff when i download this mod, how do you get those points?

Spoiler ALERT!

I don't know which mod belongs to but the game is broken once you get to enter to Detroit. You can exploit a new location, buying mobile phones at a price below the selling price at the junk market, so thats infinite money in gameplay terms.

Hello. I just finished merging EXE patchwork with lateset MmMoD (0.99). Is anybody interested to test it? I also plan to merge it with latest overhaul and NSE and add Depths of Gyges, BBC and maybe some other mods.

I'd be willing to test, but I also have a question/request. Would it be possible for you to add the RZU weapons mod into the merge?

I am thinking of doing this, but it will take some time. I want to update NSE and overhaul first - and this is a really hard work, especially with updating all treasure tables. After that i want to add a lot of other staff too.

i really find this merge of mods too hard to play. Somehow i can't survive long enough to do anything, sometime the character freeze, some other times i end up starving to death, some other time is dehidratation, some other time you get oneshotted in a fight. It's just umbearable, since once you get half water or food emptied, even if strong tier is active, you start struggling to do anything, and in the end you die. I've been playing this game 50 or 60 hours, i've kept on going a lot in vanilla, but this mod makes it just too hard and frustrating. Water and food intake should be rebalanced, at least to the point that they don't affect mobility that much... Thanks for the work nonetheless.

you know you can rewrite the points for starting skills and stuff, this mod is nearly impossible if you don't follow the way it wants you to go and only that straight and narrow path, you can go into the game files and rewrite the points thing under gamevars to start out with as many points as you would like, and ps the same can be done with nearly everything in the game to make it really easy to play

i don't know how to rewrite the water and food intake. I don't want nor i wuold need all the skills in the game, it's just that it becomes painful to seek food and water from the start, not finding the gear you need, and ending up dead before the first week... You can't even explore, you just crawl around before the inevitable death... It's just a little too much unforgiving like this, it's just that everything is unbalanced. I feel the merge of those 2 mods, took away the balance they had. The chance to find objects in this merge are too low, so you end up finding useless gear, tiring yourself in the process, by the time you can boil water yourself you are starving to death, or maybe you can't find plastic bags to carry water around, or maybe you don't find a single shoe, or you end up shot while you are struggling to move one hex at a time... I see that if you are full equipped, it could be balanced like this, but as it is, it's just nearly impossible to survive the start of the game, which makes the game nearly unplayable to me. I start again and again, i don't like copying saves and reloading until i get the result i want. I feel this game should be played with permadeath, so i feel how this merge mod it is, it's just too hard...

I would add the Depths of Gygas after some time - it will give you a little bit more food at start (if you search). Also i always take trapper skill to be able to make fire, and botany gives you additional water. It is quite logical btw - you have to know how to find it... You can always change a chance in treasuretables yourself (it is really easy), though a lot of people are just afraid to go into modding. I fond modding even more interesting that the game itself (i started modding while playing Dwarf Fortress and it should be enough to explain this quirk of mine ;-) ).

If other people support that water and/or food should be rebalanced i might as well try to do it. Just don't get your hopes up - it is very time consuming.

https://www.dropbox.com/home/Neo%20Scavenger?preview=Patchwork_b0.2.rar - second version with BCC added (i don't know why it was discontinued, although still need some polish - some conditions are not added and most new items are not in it).

https://www.dropbox.com/home/Neo%20Scavenger?preview=EXE_patchwork_b0.1.rar - first version only with MmMod 0.99.

i might think about getting into it Tierre, could you give me some directions? What file should i tweak? I don't understand what those files you linked in dropbox are

I switched completely the style of playing toward a most conservative\food oriented game, but still dyeing is too easy but it may be somehow possible to survive. Basically i didn't go more than 10\15 tyles away from cryo factory, i'm scavengind around it again and again an area of hexes, burying useful equipment, making an area for washing and boyling water, a couple of hidden spots to sleep etc... Like this it might be possible to survive a little bit longer, but still it may be too hard to survive while walking distances. There are some weird aspect about gameplay though, for example even without getting do the city, i'm finnding expensive bjects really easily. I've hidden a plastic bag full of munitions already worth 1000+ $, yet i've not found a single bag yet. Which by the way make it impossible to carry those munition away since they don't stack up anymore lol.

ok, i'm reloading again and again the same save, i'm trying to beat a bandit and i simply can't. The combat system is off, i've melee and strong tier, this one has tough. The spears now break down after a single blow, so they are useless. i'm fighting him with a crowbar, i repeat strenght and melee skills, and even if i hit him repeadetly, he doesn't die. Me, after i recieve 3 or 4 blows, i pass out out of pain.
Seriously, the game like this need serious rebalancment or it is unplayable, sadly :(

My files are just what you need to unarchive into you neo-scavenger folder (i think you figured it out already). You should overwrite GetMods.php and all folders should be there too.

Strange with spears - they should be ok for at least 11 strikes if at 100% quality. You should harden it with fire - it will be 9 times harder to break then. Basically sharpened spear is just an average stick with pointy end - it is not really a good weapon yet. Some bandits are stronger than others - i usually had no problems with crowbar.

Almost done with adding NeoScavengerExtended 5.1. It is treasuretables time and it is most bothersome. Then i'll update overhaul and go for trying to rebalance treasuretables with all this additional stuff. That will take days of time i reckon :(

if your adding BBC, i suggest you use this version instead

i call it 5.5.3, because i took some bugs and fixed them. didn't add anything

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Already used your version :)

Well i finished adding latest overhaul and NSE. Now i want to add Depths of Gygas, teleport mod (can't understand what stops arrowhead labs from appearing) and zombies. RZU is a little bit harder to add though - it will need so much treasure rebelancing:(
Also i really like the idea behind police mod - i though about remaking it to resemble police station from Resident Evil 2... but i am not sure if i will have enough patience to do it.

New link is https://www.dropbox.com/home/Neo%20Scavenger?preview=Patchwork_b0.4.rar

Tierre Link not working

Oh i never used dropbox before:) Never knew i had to publish a link.

Here it is

Thanks Tierre, working now!

Hey! Is this modpack up to date?


Yes. This modpack has the latest versions of all mods, but only if you use my version - few posts above. The one at the first page is NOT up to date.

hello, i cant get this modpack to activate, i just get a huge list of error logs. Can anyone help?

Or maybe is there some way to know its all working right off the bat (skill select screen/gyges encoutner)?

What version did you download (from the first page or mine) and how did you install it?
Also there is no Gygas encounter (meaning mod Depths of Gygas) it this mod yet. It will be (in a few weeks) but not now.

Tierre try making a new forum page for the mod called "Monster blah blah blah 2.0" and ask Kaveen to add it to his list but to also take the otherwone off his list. be sure to explain to him that the other one doesn't work and that the author has stopped getting on and responding to his thread. the author personally told me he's done

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I will do it in a few days - i am really strapped for time now. Thanks for advise.

Signed up to say thanks.

Sent an email, not sure if you got it. but anywho, the author said i can take control of this page if i wanted. so to that end, make a new page for your version of the mod and i'll put a link in the OP redirecting to your version. if your still motivated to work on it that is.

if not, then is your current work an improvement on the original? if so might still put the link in the OP

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Tierre, I believe I found an inconsistency in your build - lighters don't have a container capacity and there is lighter fluid for sale but no place where to store it.

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Is this working with 1.14? I ask because I get an image retrieval error upon launching.

Just wanted to say thanks so much to Tierre for updating this! I was always switching between NSE and M(m)MoD, and now them being merged and having all the extra mods added in on top of that is exactly what I wanted back when I first learned about mods for this game <3

I have noticed a few minor issues while playing/testing-- I don't know anything about coding, so I don't know how difficult it might be to fix them, or if it'd possible at all, but I figure I'd bring them up just in case:

Spoiler: Highlight to view
- NSE lighter fluid still pops up in the c-store, but lighters themselves aren't NSE and can't make use of the fluid
- Both NSE (2x3) and M(m)MoD (2x2, sometimes sealed) soup cans can be found. EDIT: Turns out that opening sealed cans crafts the NSE 2x3 soup. NSE soup doesn't seem to rot, though, so having sealed cans feels a bit redundant, now?
- Really minor, but M(m)MoD test items at the start of the game can't be placed into the testing briefcase for some reason
- The 'blistered feet' condition was replaced in M(m)Mod, but still shows up and even stacks on top of the replacement 'hurt feet' condition (which can really hurt movement speed in early-game)
- Only the M(m)MoD options show up when gathering from a water source-- no NSE option to gather stones, and I haven't seen any Fishing Mod options, either (though I havent played with the fishing skill, yet)

Balance Suggestions: Not bugs, but there are some slight balance issues that I've noticed:
- M(m)MoD's Hobo Stove seems kind of useless now, since NSE boiling and cooking recipes require a medium heat source. Turning it into a medium heat source on it's own seems a bit OP, but maybe doing that and making it degrade when used would help balance that out?
- As much as i like using Overhaul's Knitwit skill, it feels a bit redundant with NSE's Tailoring skill.. I'm actually not sure how it might be better balanced without just combining them outright, but I'm not sure if that might be going too far?
- Not sure which mod adds it, but since new and unlocked iSlabs and Smartphones are available in the C-Store, M(m)MoD's versions in the Red Pawn shop aren't really needed (especially since they sell for way cheaper than market price, due to other mods changing said market price)
- M(m)MoD's new 'Work App' still takes up 1x3 spaces, but NSE made all the files 1x1 and reduced the space available in electronics, so the work app takes up a ton of space-- resizing the Work App or undoing NSE's size changes might help, in this case? EDIT: After asking Kaaven about how the job stuff works, it seems like M(m)MoD's archive job doesn't recognize the 1x1 files at all.

There's also the issue of M(m)MoD footwear not having the NSE:88 condition, which causes all M(m)MoD footwear to result in causing the Injured Foot condition.

NSE blades are not compatible with M(m)MoD broad spear.

The relatively easy fixes would be to add NSE:88 to the footwear and adding the necessary condition to NSE blades.

It might be possible to simply change the name of the soups to something like "Organic Condensed Soup" and "Imitation Soup Paste" to differentiate the two soups.

Some of the fishing options are limited to specific tools and can't be used with things like the hardened spear w/ strap.

about knitwit, overhaul was built around the idea that some people might not want to play with NSE or MMoD for all the changes they make.

so i borrowed the tailing skill because it was the only way i was going to get it.

as for the rest of the balance and redundant stuff, most of these mods were never meant to be combined in such a way. NSE and MMoD are incompatible with each other. By doing so both mods are infact not the mod either author made. But instead a warped version of both, and not necessarily for the better.

but people wanted it

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Can confirm that Kaaven's Depths of Gygens works with the Merger in RC6. Just had to tweak the mod load file. Haven't had any conflicts, errors or item id overwrite issues.

Several bugs I've noticed:

ATN Market:
-On some games the extra storage locker is there for a bit, and then disappears randomly
-On some games the extra storage locker never even spawned (this may have just been the above problem)
-Sometimes the entire market's inventory just randomly disappears, and never re-appears. Any objects I place into the empty inventory don't give me money

I've also encountered all of these same bugs brought up by juvilado:

- When you access any refuge in combat situations, some items just vanish forever in that refuge when you click on them, although they are still visible until you exit the game and reenter.

- In a Lake hex (not sure if it happens only there or not) everything i store in a refuge vanishes.

- Regarding the refugee camp and other map locations, when i exit the game and return, the refugee camp (the refugee camp hex indeed, so there is no more camp) and all the map indications are gone. Moreover, i loaded a game where it was night, and when the sun rose, i found all the hexex previously explored where blacked again!

"Wow! This looter's soup can actually had soup in it!"

Is This Being Updated Anymore?

Hey is there any way to allow items from the other mods to be spawned with BBC?

Hell No!

if you add them to BBC yes.

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