[Out-of-date] EXE Patchwork m(onster)od v.0.98.3(RC6) (Neo Scavenger Extended + Mighty mod of Doom + BBC + others)

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[Out-of-date] EXE Patchwork m(onster)od v.0.98.3(RC6) (Neo Scavenger Extended + Mighty mod of Doom + BBC + others)

Note: Has many bugs, and no longer being updated. -By Layarion

Hello there my fellow scavengers. One day i decided, that NSE (Neo Scavenger Extended) isn't enough for me anymore. So i started working on merging it with Banjo's small additions. The other day brought same problem: this merge wasn't enough for me, so i brought Overhaul mod(by Layarion) and [i]GEM[/i](by Gariba) to my dark cellar and started merging my build with them. And next day brought to me the exact same problem as previous two did: my greedy mind still was hungry for more options. So i decided to reach the highest mark i could even think about at this point: Merge my medium-sized patchwork monster with something really big, big as my starting mod. At this time i looked down to MmMoD, and i accepted that challenge. The next two day i've spent busy calculating differences between them and patching both of them, so they could be used along with each other. My code-cutting blade was swift while tearing down some of vital features from both mods, implanting pulsing parts from the other-one. And finally i ended up with a doomed pile of patchwork, which refused to breathe and live at the first time i tried to wake it. I've spent hours and hours, trying to figure out, what was my critical mistake, which i made in a fever of mod-cutting-joining-sewing process. And the answer was simple enough, but the history will never know. So, at the end of the fourth day, monster was awoken. A terrible patchwork abomination started walking towards the exit from my cold, damp dungeon, bleeding features from nasty painful wounds, which wasn't accepted by its body. It almost forgot his master, when the door was reached and bright sunlight stroke into its part which could hardly be named as "face". So here it is, standing in front of all of you, take a shot, use it as you like. And do not forget to leave feedback, especially when it comes to bugs, which crawl out from my monster.

Mods used
1) Extended Neo Scavenger (by Chiko)
2) Overhaul mod v.1.9 (by Layarion)
3) Gariba's Extras and Misc. (by Gariba)
4) Shouldered (by Banjo)
5) Bottle Lable (by Banjo)
6) Fishing (by Banjo)
7) Mighty (mini) Mod of Doom (by Kaaven)
8) Big Bad Cheater (by DnaJur)

Download and Installation
Requires completely clean version of NEO Scavenger!!!
To install simply put all contents from an archive to game installation directory. (e.g: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\NEO Scavenger)

Maybe less buggy version by Tierre here

Additional patches
Those are not fully supported and made by request. Those (most likely) WILL make your game unbalanced or/and not cross-integrated. Install at your own risk, no warranties given.

BBC patch v0.1(RC1)Discontinued.
Requires original BBC mod installed first!

Spoiler: Highlight to view

  • Added skills from BBC into starting skills selection menu.


Spoiler: Highlight to view

  • Fixed an issue which made available crafting of all firearms out of 2 glass jars, using NSE weapon-repair recipe.


  • Added sunroot(MoD), wild onion(MoD) and red beans(MoD) to farmplot(NSE) locataion scavenge treasuretable.
  • Added Shouldered and MoD support into improved containers from Overhaul mod.
  • Fixed an issue, which was spawning pistol ammo along with an improved duffelbag, while creating one, using knitwit skill(OHM).


  • It's not possible anymore to use Backpedal(GEM) and Lunge[/i](GEM) during Grapple(NSE).
  • Fixed an ID bug to reallow cigarettes(NSE) to be lighted with a lighter(Base).
  • Added alcohol to C-Store in DMC from both NSE and MoD. (Treasuretables still wasn't fixed so bottles with random amount was added)
  • Doublebarrel shotgun(MoD) capacity have been fixed to 2 rounds.
  • All electronic items from MoD got themselves a propper itemprop to allow their usage in electronic-related recipes from NSE and to restrict woodcutting with them.
  • Fixed lightning a makeshift cigarette(NSE) with a matches(MoD) to appear in recipe list.
  • Added an ability to light a cigarette(NSE) with embers(MoD).
  • Added MoD patches and merges from Shouldered, Bottle Lable and Fishing mods.
  • Added duffelbag and compound bow compatibility with Shouldered mod.
  • Temporary disabled asthma fatal attacks due to them able to appear for character without Asthmatic thread. (Will reenable when Chiko will fix that.)


  • Slightly changed chance of medical equipment to spawn. (Less water-purifying pills now.)
  • Removed silver urn(Base) from Random drink shared treauretable.
  • Removed itemprop NSE:61 from "4ET" gaming console(MoD), which caused it to be able to cut a large branch from a tree in a forest-related encounter(NSE).


  • Matches(MoD) compatible with cigarette lightning recipe(NSE).
  • Hacksaw(MoD) now can be used in hacksaw-requiring recipes(NSE). Same for hacksaw(NSE) and recipes(MoD).
  • Many items from both NSE and MoD have received additional properties, so they can be used in recipes from opposite mod.
  • Factions(MoD) now have relations with factions(NSE). And vise versa.
  • Containers(MoD) now have proper aContentIDs, so they can hold items from NSE.
  • Changed nFormatID to all items from MoD from 0:3 to NSE:5, so they can be holded by NSE containers.
  • Reworked water-source encounter from MoD to have Collect stones action from NSE.
  • Changed nStackLimit for darts and 9mm ammo from MoD to 1 to match ammo from NSE and made appropriate changes to 9mm clip and dartgun to keep its capacity.
  • Lit flare(NSE) got and appropriate condition, so it can be used as a Strong lightsource while scavenging lootspots from MoD.
  • Lighter(NSE) now can be used as a Weak lightsource while scavenging all lootspots, while keeping fuel mechanics from NSE. (5 units of lighter fuel are consumed per each scavenging attempt)
  • All treasuretable lists have been merged. Chances are split in equal proportions.


  • Initial release.

-Layarion, permission from Neitronus to edit this page. Among other things

EXE Patchwork m(onster)od.

Hurgh ... this monster looks ... overwhelming. It might have some unpleasant wounds and scars here and there, i can't evaluate, i didn't inspect it yet, but if you care for this almost terrifying looking ... thing ... it will become an even bigger enrichment for us all, at least for me.

Thank you :)

I didn't even think this could be possible.

Nice work my good fellow.

" The devil asked me how I knew my way around the halls of hell. I told him I need no map for I know the darkness well "

You just went full Frankenstein there, thank you for this

I have really random crashes upon ending turns (Game freezes up, shows hourglass figure, but doesn't load) and the MmMoD doesn't seem to work at all, because I always skin the dogman at the start of the run and it still creates the dogman fur coat rather than the dogman fur (raw) and I don't smell while wearing the coat. I know I'm probably pretty annoying about all my NEOS issues, but the crashes are really game-breaking for me. I'm using version RC2.

Well i'm using RC3, but in RC2 i haven't seen those bugs.

UPD1: Just Checked. Kicked ass of first dogman on cryo, tried to skin him, got 15 dog fur patches.

UPD2: Checked for random crashes. I have 1 record about them in my dev. diary. Are you sure that you're using latest 1.11 build + no other mods? Maybe there are some lefttovers?

EXE Patchwork m(onster)od.

I'm going to update to RC3 and report back, but I can guarantee you that I am using the latest build and no other mods. It's not my computer being slow that causes the crash, because it's a relatively new, good quality computer. I did a fresh install (deleted folder and deleted local files in steam) before installing RC2.

Found a bug/error for you.

I noticed that for some odd reason, electronic items from M(m)MoD could be used to chop large branches.

Assuming this wasn't intended behavior, I poked through the xmls and found that all the items have NSE:61 under their properties which is:

<table name="itemprops"> <column name="nID">61</column> <column name="strPropertyName">tool: wood cutting</column>

Judging by one of the items, I assume you meant to use NSE:64 which is the NSE property for electronics.

Below are the line numbers of the items in question, within the M(m)Mod neogame.xml

Spoiler: Highlight to view
Line 15972: <column name="vProperties">0:9,0:15,0:28,0:48,0:50,NSE:61</column> Line 16011: <column name="vProperties">0:9,0:15,0:28,0:48,0:50,NSE:61</column> Line 17103: <column name="vProperties">0:17,0:28,0:31,0:46,0:48,0:50,21,NSE:61,NSE:64</column> Line 17298: <column name="vProperties">0:9,0:15,0:28,0:48,0:50,NSE:61</column> Line 17337: <column name="vProperties">0:9,0:15,0:28,0:48,0:50,NSE:61</column> Line 17649: <column name="vProperties">0:9,0:15,0:28,0:48,0:50,NSE:61</column> Line 17688: <column name="vProperties">0:9,0:15,0:28,0:48,0:50,NSE:61</column>

Also for for the sake of convenience a partial <table name="itemtypes"> entry for each item:

Spoiler: Highlight to view
<table name="itemtypes"> <column name="id">135</column> <column name="nGroupID">19</column> <column name="nSubgroupID">5</column> <column name="strName">thermometer</column> <column name="strDesc">PW-Tronics digital thermometer (off)</column> <column name="vProperties">0:9,0:15,0:28,0:48,0:50,NSE:61</column> <table name="itemtypes"> <column name="id">136</column> <column name="nGroupID">19</column> <column name="nSubgroupID">6</column> <column name="strName">thermometer</column> <column name="strDesc">PW-Tronics digital thermometer (on)</column> <column name="vProperties">0:9,0:15,0:28,0:48,0:50,NSE:61</column> <table name="itemtypes"> <column name="id">164</column> <column name="nGroupID">44</column> <column name="nSubgroupID">2</column> <column name="strName">junk item</column> <column name="strDesc">broken audio equipment</column> <column name="vProperties">0:17,0:28,0:31,0:46,0:48,0:50,21,NSE:61,NSE:64</column> <table name="itemtypes"> <column name="id">169</column> <column name="nGroupID">19</column> <column name="nSubgroupID">8</column> <column name="strName">hand-held console</column> <column name="strDesc">&quot;4ET&quot; hand-held gaming console (off)</column> <column name="vProperties">0:9,0:15,0:28,0:48,0:50,NSE:61</column> <table name="itemtypes"> <column name="id">170</column> <column name="nGroupID">19</column> <column name="nSubgroupID">9</column> <column name="strName">hand-held console</column> <column name="strDesc">&quot;4ET&quot; hand-held gaming console (on)</column> <column name="vProperties">0:9,0:15,0:28,0:48,0:50,NSE:61</column> <table name="itemtypes"> <column name="id">178</column> <column name="nGroupID">19</column> <column name="nSubgroupID">10</column> <column name="strName">hand-held radio</column> <column name="strDesc">hand-held ham radio (off)</column> <column name="vProperties">0:9,0:15,0:28,0:48,0:50,NSE:61</column> <table name="itemtypes"> <column name="id">179</column> <column name="nGroupID">19</column> <column name="nSubgroupID">11</column> <column name="strName">hand-held radio</column> <column name="strDesc">hand-held ham radio (on)</column> <column name="vProperties">0:9,0:15,0:28,0:48,0:50,NSE:61</column>

Ye, i fixed that like 2 days ago, just haven't uploaded it there. Basically i forgot to include merge patches for MoD from shouldered and other stuff too, so expect new build with fixes in a couple of hours or a day..

EXE Patchwork m(onster)od.

Hey, been enjoying playing this mod the past few days. Good work and all but I've noticed some objects won't go into some containers, such as the toolbox, it won't accept some items or fit into other items such as a backpack. I can understand the backpack but I thought I'd be able to put say a can filled with assorted small parts in it. Just a thought and I myself have been able to work around most of it just fine. One glitch I have noticed though is if you use the kitwit ability on the LM Riot Duffle Bags it'll become improved as the perk does regularly but then a 45 mag spawns inside, I tried replicating it and it happens each time, sometimes with ammo and sometimes without. Just thought I'd bring that to your attention. Good job on the mod though, keep up the good work.

Hopping back on the game I just noticed now that I've improved them they cannot go on the other shoulder either, sort of sucks seeing as I was using two of them, one on each shoulder to hold stuff. Just another heads up, and if I happen to find any other mishaps on my travels I will report here.

So, you've brought 3 bugs to me:
1) Not able to wear duffelbag on both shoulders. (Patch for this included in RC4, have you tried this one?)
2) Container adaptation: Cannot place tin cans into certain containers. (Fixed partially in RC2, and fully fixed in RC3, but i'l check that anyway and report back ASAP.)
3) Knitwit+Duffelbag = Duffelbag with loot. (I bet that comes from original mod, but i'll take a look anyway)

Looking forward to getting more reports.

So, i've checked this thing about container compatibility: Ye, tin cans cannot go into toolbox, and this was done for purpose, this is how it as meant to work in original mod, so i've kept this thing in original way. About wearing duffelbag: I'll check that as soon as i'll find it ingame (shouldn't take long though).

Checked your bug about spawning pistol contents after applying knitwit to a duffelbag: That was original author's fault. Fixed and prepared to uploading. Also i made this, "improved" duffelbag compatible with both shoulders, this was caused but abscence of patch-mod between shouldered mod and overhaul mod. Made a makeshift-one and prepared to upload.

All those bugs were fixed in RC5, which will be uploaded today (just wait a little bit, i'll make some more changes before uploading)

EXE Patchwork m(onster)od.

Updated to v.0.98.2(RC5).

Spoiler: Highlight to view
  • Added sunroot(MoD), wild onion(MoD) and red beans(MoD) to farmplot(NSE) locataion scavenge treasuretable.
  • Added Shouldered and MoD support into improved containers from Overhaul mod.
  • Fixed an issue, which was spawning pistol ammo along with an improved duffelbag, while creating one, using knitwit skill(OHM).

EXE Patchwork m(onster)od.


Using the latest version (0.98) hangs my game during loading at 16%

Spoiler: Highlight to view

Using version 0.97 however seems to run fine. Thanks for this great mod, to make my scavenging life even more complex :)

Reproduced that issue. Looking into that.

EXE Patchwork m(onster)od.

Fixed that issue by removing 1 of updates featured in this update. Will bring that back later, when i'll actually solve the problem. Same download link for this "fixed" version.

EXE Patchwork m(onster)od.

Fixed that issue, brought that previously bugged feature back.

EXE Patchwork m(onster)od.

Very awesome, keep up the good work ... now i already know what i'm going to do, when my exams are over in 3 weeks :)

Thanks for looking into that all, about to give it a test now.
Also I could wear duffle bags on both shoulders, just not the improved duffle bags.

Yep, i know, i've fixed that too. Applied all changes from Shouldered mod to Overahaul mod, so improved duffelbag would have same parameters as unmoded (e.g: nprite for second shoulder, equip slot availability).

EXE Patchwork m(onster)od.

you're just awesome
no other wors needed

Good job, Neutronus, this mod greatly improves immersion without giving even more despair and hardcore. After plaing vanilla for hundred hours I've got feeling that it would be quite reasonable to barricade the protagonist in the room 17 and let him die of thirst. This mod gave me new hope :) Also, I have a humble request to merge Big Bad Cheater with Pathcwork. Thanks in advance.

Tu regere imperio populos, Romane, memento/hae tibi erunt artes/pacisque imponere morem, parcere subiectis et debellare superbos.

Well, i could have merged BBC from the very start, but i decided not to do that, even for testing purposes. Plus that will be really hard, when it will come to spawning items. So, i'd like to apologize, but i won't include BBC in merge for those 2 reasons: To much work for to small profit, and BBC is a game-breaking mod.

EXE Patchwork m(onster)od.

OK, I got your point, nevertheless, I don't think BBC is game-breaking, I'd rather say it's game-smoothing. You can choose only mega-human perk, that does not make you invulnerable. ;)

Tu regere imperio populos, Romane, memento/hae tibi erunt artes/pacisque imponere morem, parcere subiectis et debellare superbos.

Please help!
i am getting this message!.
I reinstalled neo scav and there are no other mods.


A far as i can tell, you're using something wrong, like both NSE and my merge, since you have neogame.xml, which i've split into separate files. So no, you're not using clean version, according to your logs. Try to completely remove a folder and then install. 2032 error = file cannot be read. So you have something wrong with a folder NSEOverride.

EXE Patchwork m(onster)od.

Possible bug Small Chunks of fur Not able to be made into rawhide patches.

Man with a plan and possibly a spear.

Not a bug. Read oroginal NSE thread. I wish i can link you a particular comment about that, i have no idea how... It should be on a lates or pre-latest page of comments.

EXE Patchwork m(onster)od.

If you can't link it, then it doesn't exist. Doing a search on the subject comes up with nothing. It's a bug, then, and it'll need to be fixed with one of the updates.

Edit: It appears the bug is from an edit made to the original lines used for making rawhide patches. A new item, rawhide sheet, completely replaced the lines and removed rawhide patches from being made. I went ahead and added the lines back into my game, as well as the relevant treasuretable item.


I feel I need to share my Played time with you, and I should either thank you or hate you. I'm kinda confused on the matter...
Neo Scav Vanilla: 10 hours (many deaths learning the game)

Neo Scav Expanded: 20 hours (many less deaths, like you grew bored with Vanilla).

Neo Scav Extreme (You're mod consolidation): 36 hours and counting

Keep in mind these are totals, so I have 66 Hours in Neo Scav, over 1/2 of which is from your consolidation.

I may update this post with bugs I've found if I can remember them, but honestly I've been having so much fun anyways that any bugs I do encounter I basically ignore them because they're not game breaking.

I am missing "The Hatter's" location. it doesn't show up in the DMC area anymore, I'm not sure if this is a base game issue or mod issue, but since I don't play this game for the story right now and I've gotten in the DMC using the bracelet, Ii'm not concerned.

Thank you for the many hours of enjoyment, and the many more hours I'll have playing your Mod.

"A small stone may only make a ripple at first, but someday it will be a wave."
~Wiegraf Folles

For me, Hatter still there: Right net to DMC gate hex(upward-left direction from DMC gate), and to visit him you need to "use" his "doorbell" spawned in this hex. This is vanilla game behavior. I'll checked it like yesterday, when i was completing some "special" delivery for Hatter from Saginaw.

P.S. Thanks for your feedback, some nice feedback always motivate modder to continue his work, and i'm not an exception.

EXE Patchwork m(onster)od.

I'll check this, it's possible one of my Edits (I added another mod on top of yours which I am too lazy to remove even though the mod doesn't work in the latest patch) might have somehow broke it. but I've had the issue even without the update.

Honestly I didn't check the ground for it. When I played vanilla I feel like I "discovered" the area then the Doorbell was available. For some reason I didn't get this trigger in the Hex.

Probably on my end, I'll look at the Conditions and see if the trigger is missing for some reason.

Once again thank you for the hard work, Please continue with these merges I feel like there's still a good bunch of mods that you could add in that would expand even more. But I know i'll still play this one for at least another 15 hours or longer :)

EDIT: Looked again still not there even did a new run and tested. Still nothing, issue is probably on my end.

"A small stone may only make a ripple at first, but someday it will be a wave."
~Wiegraf Folles

Thanks for all your hard work!

Is anyone having trouble with creating leather from rawhide from NSE? I can't get the option.

curiosu: how much trouble was it to remove the extra mods in my pack?

i'm thinking about finally adding the camo boots, gloves, and hat to my mod. maintaining the merges has it's toll, but if i didn't no body would use the mod because most people don't want to learn what it means to merge the mods themselves.

OverHaul Mod
DevKit is an upgraded BBC mod.
Improve your mods.

Like, which extra mods? I was able to download your mod only via your DL-links.

I'm pretty sure, that i'll update this merge as soon as you release those changes. Looking forward to it.

EXE Patchwork m(onster)od.

btw, when i looked at merging MMoD and NSE it looked like the essence of them would have to be destroyed to get the job done, so i'm curious how it went for you?

OverHaul Mod
DevKit is an upgraded BBC mod.
Improve your mods.

Like in which aspects essence can be destroyed? Those are content mods, not plot mods or something like this, aren't they? They have very little in common to be honest, and they can easily "fill" each other's gaps, or add bonus content in similar game aspects (e.g: Electronic devises).

I'd advice to try this merge you self and look into "my vision" of those mods working together.

EXE Patchwork m(onster)od.

well the combat, i think i remmember seeing that on some things they went in oppiset directions

OverHaul Mod
DevKit is an upgraded BBC mod.
Improve your mods.

Ye, i've forgot about combat, but all i needed to do about combat is add some condition-restrictions. Basically i did the same for containertype-restrictions. If you're talking about balance... I do not really think that combat can become more unbalaced, when two "most likely balanced" mods are merged, since NEO Scavenger is all about random function.

EXE Patchwork m(onster)od.

@Neitronus: That's not really accurate. In fact the MmoD is one of the few "plot mods" in the game. None of them are purely content mods, they both have a philosophy behind them and are very differently balanced, including different approaches to difficulty, combat and scavenging. I don't personally have a problem with you or anyone merging them (that said, I didn't make them, so easy for me to say). But I wanted to avoid misinformation. Your merge is great for anyone wanting to simply see all the content of these mods, the stuff added, but it stops short of allowing people to experience their more subtle changes and the different balancing and to see how that alters the gameplay. I think your merge can be fun, AFTER someone has gotten a taste of what massive mods like NSE and MmoD have to offer on their own.

NEO Scavenger: FAQ
10 Ways (not) to Die - A beginner's guide

As far as i know, none of their "plots" are crossed between each other, and according to NEO Scavenger dev. (atleast as he said that in his reddit post years ago): Base game offer an opportunity to build your own theory about what happened to the world, the only thing game is giving to player is clues/leads. And from my experience some of those theories can conflict with each other in a base game itself.

Speaking of balance: I split a lot of chances to spawn item from NSE and MoD between them if they were overlapping each other. Basically i rebalanced both of them according to initial design, so player shouldn't experience a lot of troubles with unbalanced loot. (Still they will, since, as i told earlier, NEO Scavenger is all about random)

EXE Patchwork m(onster)od.

For some reason using glass jars, pliers, screwdriver, ranged, and mechanic lets me create an arsenal

Sorry i wasn't able to reproduce your bug. (Proofpic) Are you sure that you was using only my merge?

EXE Patchwork m(onster)od.

Two glass jars, sorry. The glass jars seem to share the same Id or something as weapons

Fixed in v.0.98.3(RC6). Uploaded just now. Thanks for this bug report. Looking forward for some more from you. =)

EXE Patchwork m(onster)od.

Greetings and well wishes, Neitronus,

I created an account at Blue Bottle Games just to speak with you, my good man. After extensive searching and reading over and about the various mods out there, I finally decided to download your work based purely on the level of dedication you've shown while creating and nourishing this.. absolutely amazing amalgam, from so many already stunning individual pieces. Well done! Truly, well done, sir! You have more than earned my respect, as well as my own dedication to you as an avid fan.

I will continue to watch your progress with bated breath, awaiting with barely contained glee the fruits of your continual labors of love for this, our NEO Scavenging Nirvana!


P.S. Hope this made you smile, bro. ;) Haha..

Yep, you made me smiling for a moment, thanks for that. Anyway, speaking of continuation of my work: Overhaul was updated (waiting for a "still" period in its author's development process to start integrating a new version) and as previous commentator says you can craft an "arsenal" (whatever that mean) — so a i got some work for my closest spare time.

EXE Patchwork m(onster)od.

Nice work sir,you have done what hasn't been done since EmpororZA abandoned his old Mod Merge project.
I congratulate you.

Thank you for adding the Big Bad Cheater mod, really appreciate it. I am having problems though. When i click new game the screen stays black and the game just crashes. I installed v.0.98.3(RC6) first than BBC patch v0.1(RC1).

Edit. In the Big Bad Cheater folder you seem to be missing the New sub folder. When i placed the New folder from the original Big Bad Cheater, it seems to fix the problem.

Well, yep, it was meant not to include all BBC. It is just a small patch. I'll edit installation notes to clarify this moment.

EXE Patchwork m(onster)od.

Hey just thought to let you know that when i installed the BBC patch the game crashed whenever i went to the skill/traits menu.

Crash confirmed. Sorry, but i'm not going to fully support BBC, and this bug even though is not crucial, require way too much of attention.

Dropping BBC support anyway.

EXE Patchwork m(onster)od.